Info about “The Wizard of Oz” in honor of essentially the most beloved film

Film “The Wizard of Oz” had its world premiere 76 years in the past on August 12, 1939, in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Two weeks later, the movie was launched in theaters nationwide and now, three quarters of a century, the story of Dorothy and her pals nonetheless endures at the moment. “The Wizard of Oz” is arguably essentially the most beloved film of all time.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)
The Wizard of Oz (1939)

1. The studio, Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, outbid twentieth Century Fox for the film rights. Fox had needed Shirley Temple to star.

2. Mervyn LeRoy thought of having a person play Toto.

3. The cowardly lion’s costume was manufactured from an actual lion pores and skin.

4. The snow within the poppy scene was manufactured from asbestos.

5. Judy Garland needed to put on a super-tight corset to make her determine appear youthful.

6. The Tin Man’s oil was really chocolate syrup.

7. Judy Garland’s daughter, Liza Minelli, was married to Jack Haley, Jr., the son of the actor who performed the Tin Man.

8. Toto reportedly earned $125 per week of filming—however every Munchkin actor simply $50.

9. The horses within the Emerald Metropolis had been coloured with Jell-O, which they saved making an attempt to lick off.

10. Dorothy’s slippers within the e book had been silver.

11. Toto was performed by a female dog named Terry.

12. 4 units of ruby slippers had been used throughout filming.

13. Margaret Hamilton’s copper-based inexperienced make-up couldn’t be ingested, so she survived solely on liquids throughout filming.

14. Billie Burke, who performed Glinda the Good Witch, was 54 throughout filming, whereas Margaret Hamilton, who performed the Depraved Witch, was 36.

15. Judy Garland initially wore a blonde wig and heavy make-up for filming, however producers quickly opted for a extra pure look.

16. “Over the Rainbow” was virtually minimize from the movie for size causes.

17. The actress who voiced Disney’s Snow White made a voice cameo through the Tin Man’s “If I Solely Had a Coronary heart” (She’s the one who says, ‘Wherefore artwork thou, Romeo?’)

18. The ruby slippers had been a measurement 5.

19. The 1939 New York Instances evaluation of the movie learn, partly: “It’s all so well-intentioned, so genial and so homosexual that any reviewer who would look down his nostril on the fun-making ought to be spanked and despatched off, supperless, to mattress.”

20. Margaret Hamilton was a kindergarten trainer earlier than changing into an actress.

21. The movie was nominated for six Oscars, however misplaced Finest Image to Gone with the Wind.

22. The cowardly lion’s costume weighed round 100 kilos.

23. Temperatures on set typically soared about 100 levels because of the lighting wanted to shoot in early Technicolor.

24. Buddy Ebsen of The Beverly Hillbillies fame was forged because the Tin Man, however he needed to bow out when he developed a extreme allergic response to his silver paint. He had initially been provided the a part of the Scarecrow.

25. The twister within the movie was really a 35-foot-long muslin stocking spun round with mud and filth.

26. Within the film, Dorothy clicks her ruby slippers and says, “There’s no place like dwelling.” Within the e book, she says to her magic silver sneakers, “Take me dwelling to Aunt Em!”

27. The white in Dorothy’s gown was really pale pink as a result of it confirmed up higher as white in Technicolor.

28. The Depraved Witch’s crystal ball was used as a prop in Boris Karloff’s The Masks of Fu Manchu.

29. The Depraved Witch’s dying certificates is dated Might 6, 1938, the twentieth anniversary of L. Frank Baum’s dying.

30. Producers ended up chopping most of the Depraved Witch’s scenes as a result of they deemed them too scary for kids.

31. The ‘L’ in L. Frank Baum stands for Lyman.

32. Baum printed 17 sequels to The Great Wizard of Oz, three of them posthumously.

33. Twenty years earlier than making it massive with The Great Wizard of Oz, Baum was a breeder of fancy chickens.

34. The movie gained Oscars for greatest unique rating and greatest unique track.

35. Baum apparently invented the identify ‘Oz’ when an alphabetical submitting cupboard label, ‘O-Z.’

36. The Munchkins have a collective star on the Hollywood Stroll of Fame.

37. Garland gained as Oscar Juvenile Award for her function, which she later known as the Munchkin Award.

38. The Smithsonian exhibit housing Dorothy’s pink slippers is so common, the carpet in entrance of the slippers has been changed quite a few occasions as a consequence of put on and tear.

39. Judy Garland fell in love with Terry, the canine who performed Toto, and needed to undertake her, however Terry’s proprietor wouldn’t give her up.

40. The Munchkins had been performed by a troupe known as the Singer Midgets, named for his or her supervisor Leo Singer. They had been from Europe, and “plenty of the Munchkins took benefit of the journey to immigrate and escape the Nazis,” based on the Web Film Database. Their voices had been dubbed as a result of a lot of them couldn’t converse English very nicely.

41. Professor Marvel by no means returned Dorothy’s picture of Auntie Em.

42. The fireplace that blazes out from Dorothy’s sneakers when the Witch tries to the touch them was really apple juice spraying out of them, sped up on movie.

43. The Cowardly Lion was initially going to be performed by the real-life MGM lion.

44. The Scarecrow’s face prosthetics left deep groves in actor Ray Bolger’s face that reportedly took greater than a 12 months to vanish.

45. Terry the canine was petrified of the steam that got here out of the Tin Man’s hat.

46. In an oft-told story from the set, Judy Garland couldn’t cease guffawing through the scene the place Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion. Director Victor Fleming apparently took Garland apart and slapped her, after which she nailed the scene in a single take.

47. The yellow brick street initially confirmed up inexperienced in Technicolor, so it needed to be repainted.

48. Charley Grapewin, the actor who performed Uncle Henry, started his profession within the late nineteenth century as a circus trapeze artist, and in addition appeared as Grandpa Joad in 1940’s The Grapes of Wrath.

49. Disney needed to make The Wizard of Oz, however MGM owned the rights to the e book.

50. A number of actors taking part in Winged Monkeys within the forest had been injured when the wires suspending them above the sound stage snapped, sending them falling a number of toes.

51. Opposite to common fantasy that she was dubbed, Billie Burke (Glinda the Good Witch) did her personal singing for the movie.

52. Glinda’s robe was really recycled from the 1936 film San Francisco.

53. L. Frank Baum drew inspiration for the story from his troublesome childhood throughout a drought in South Dakota.

54. Baum strongly supported ladies’s suffrage.

55. MGM paid $75,000 for the movie rights to Baum’s e book, an astronomical quantity on the time.

56. The Flying Monkeys and the Witch’s fortress guards wore the identical uniforms.

57. Judy Garland’s hair adjustments size all through the movie.

58. Humorist Ogden Nash wrote a screenplay for the movie that was by no means used.

59. Dorothy was named after Dorothy Louise Gage, a niece of L. Frank Baum who died as a child.

60. Director Victor Fleming was reportedly pro-Nazi and opposed America getting into World Conflict II.

61. Margaret Hamilton suffered extreme burns through the scene through which she vanishes in a cloud of smoke (her pores and skin make-up ignited).

62. Hamilton recovered, although refused to do any extra scenes involving hearth.

63. In addition to fiction, L. Frank Baum wrote broadly on numerous non-fiction matters, together with stamp amassing and retailer ornament guides.

64. Manufacturing prices for the movie had been round $2,777,000, an extremely excessive sum on the time.

65. A pair of actual ruby slippers was made in 1989 to commemorate the movie’s fiftieth anniversary. They’re reportedly value round $3 million.

66. A guard by accident stepped on Terry the canine throughout filming and broke her foot.

67. Throughout filming, a lot of the actors arrived on set at 4 or 5 a.m. and completed at 7 or 8 p.m.

68. The Tin Man’s aluminum-based make-up gave actor Jack Haley a extreme eye an infection.

69. The actress who performed Auntie Em, Clara Blandick, dedicated suicide in 1962 after battling debilitating arthritis and impending blindness.

70. The movie has a 99 % constructive important ranking on Rotten Tomatoes.

71. There have been two folks on set whose sole job it was to dry out to the Cowardly Lion costume each night time. It apparently “reeked” as a result of Bert Lahr sweated a lot within the 90- or 100-pound costume beneath the 100 diploma lights.

72. The actor who performed ther Coroner of Munchkinland was as soon as the shortest licensed pilot throughout World Conflict II.

73. The Wizard of Oz was the primary MGM movie to be televised on a nationwide community.

74. An early design of Dorothy’s ruby slippers had curled-up toes.

75. The ruby slippers on show within the Smithsonian are mismatched.

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