Indiana’s Grave in the County Road 400

County Road 400 was built around the last remaining grave of a 200-year-old cemetery. According to her wishes, Nancy Kerlin Barnett was buried in her favorite spot in 1831. The cemetery soon grew around her grave, where it remained until developers began relocating the dead decades later to build a road. Nancy’s grandson, Daniel G. Doty, kept the construction crew at bay with his gun until the county relented. Rather than disturb the grave, they split the rural two-lane road around it.

Grave in the County Road 400

For over a hundred years, the site has sat relatively untouched, but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining a reputation as one of the most haunted cemeteries in the state. Late night visitors have reported everything from phantoms appearing in front of their cars as they approach the mound, to disembodied voices whispering in the night, to electrical problems with their cars. It’s almost as if Nancy can’t get any rest with the traffic so close by.

Well, looks like the spirits in the middle of County Road 400 are about to get even more restless as archaeologists have disturbed the site in order to make room for wider lanes. But in doing so, they’ve made a startling discovery: at least seven other bodies buried in the supposedly solitary grave.

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