I’m sure this isn’t how its supposed to work

I'm sure this isn't how its supposed to work

I’m sure this isn’t how its supposed to work

I’m sure this isn’t how its supposed to work from WTF

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28 thoughts on “I’m sure this isn’t how its supposed to work

  1. mothafucka got a nunchuck for an arm

    I wouldn’t mess with him for sure

  2. Obese_hairnet says:

    I would love to fuck with people at work and pretend my arm broke so i could go home

  3. skelebone says:

    **Romulox:** Only two people in the world have the easy-flow elbow, and one of them happens to be named Bruce Willis.

  4. SniffCheck says:

    His arm is fucked up

  5. readit1000times says:

    Get this man a pornhub account.

  6. A retired rectal doctor

  7. kinda_fellin says:

    The easy flow elbow!

  8. KnittingHagrid says:

    This made me uncomfortable.

  9. CreaminFreeman says:

    I’m a little disappointed with the lack of an explanation in this thread… seems it’s just jokes. Oh well, maybe the next time around.

  10. rabjeet636 says:

    “Me after peeing”

  11. IamPregananant says:

    I don’t know whether to be surprised or disgusted.

  12. Zestyclose-Way-5948 says:

    He throws hot dice at the craps table.

  13. Must have spent years yanking it a little too hard.

  14. Taco_Engineer31 says:

    just like the hellboy dog.

  15. Hello_pet_my_kitty says:

    It’s like he has a built in nunchuck.

  16. LapisGlyph says:

    Ah a member of The Grand Orange Lodge I see. This is the secret handshake they use.

  17. dennismfrancisart says:

    Ow! It hurts just to look at.

  18. So hopson from Paradise PD was right, you do get them soft bones when you get older

  19. 7TageHatDieWoche says:

    You’re Playmobil he’s Lego

  20. insertoriginalname6 says:

    This dude could 360 slap you

  21. niece_denise says:

    Try to put his right side in an arm bar

  22. aarsmadenkak says:

    david attenborough let himself go a bit

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