Idiot of the year – Man Runs Into Burning House to Save Xbox

xbox on fire
xbox on fire

It’s hard to imagine any grown man risking his life for what is essentially a toy, but in the words of South Park’s Stan Marsh, “That’s how Xbox people are.”

It happened Friday morning when the unidentified man woke up to find his house engulfed in flames, ABC15 reported. Now, most people that would run back in would do it for a good reason — like a family pet — but not this guy. Once he was outside, he realized that his Xbox was still in the burning house, and he ran right back in to save it.


It just goes to show you that spending too much time playing video games will warp your sense of reality. This guy probably saw that burning fire and thought it would only take two or three bars off his health meter. On the bright side, he’s probably earned some serious street cred with the hard-core gaming crowd.

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Man risks his life to save Xbox from fire

In the end, the fire caused $80,000 worth of damages to the home, which the fire officials say was caused by an electrical junction box. The man only suffered some smoke inhalation for rescuing the gaming system from the burning house and was later treated by the paramedics.

He’s expected to make a full recovery as soon as he finds a wooden box with a health packet in it.