I think I would’ve projectile shat myself back to shore.

I think I would’ve projectile shat myself back to shore.

I think I would’ve projectile shat myself back to shore.

I think I would’ve projectile shat myself back to shore. from WTF

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40 thoughts on “I think I would’ve projectile shat myself back to shore.

  1. mrnoonan81 says:

    Fuck people who add whale sounds.

  2. Phistachio says:

    The sound is fake, you cannot hear their callings so clearly outside of the water. I’ve swam with wild dolphins (accompanied by biologists, of course) and you can hear them communicating when you’re underwater. This isn’t wtf worthy at all, yes it’s scary as those beasts can take you and your boat down, but it’s quite beautiful.

  3. Directed by Hideo Kojima

  4. Akesgeroth says:

    Downvoted for the fake sound.

  5. lyghtwaves says:

    The only thing “wtf” about this is the fake whale sounds.

  6. getatmeimevil says:

    How could anyone be that relaxed in water that deep to begin with. Fuck all of that.

  7. Au_Uncirculated says:

    Lol what the fuck was that fake sound they added?

  8. Easy there, big fella!

  9. This is wtf worthy?

  10. FutureRobotWordplay says:

    Whales jump out of water. They have tours where the entire goal is to see a whale jump out of the water. Not WTF at all. And the added fake sound is more stupid than WTF. Is this just upvoted for boobies or what?

  11. Is that the real sound it makes?

  12. methos3433 says:

    Yeah make sure you film her ass and not the massive whale! Well done you Instagram ready!

  13. That guy won’t hunt Humans, if you are swallowed it will be by accident and he won’t enjoy it and probably spit you back out.

  14. groovyusername says:

    personally for me, if a humpback whale crushes my ass just let me die dude. Like what a cool way to go, no hospice no bullshit just mother nature coming through and ending my shit.

  15. Icy_Law9181 says:

    The sound effects spoil it

  16. BeefSerious says:


  17. entity_TF_spy says:

    Downvoted for the added sound. Bloody hell

  18. greatspacegibbon says:

    I think I need to watch this again. For the whale, yes, that’s it.

  19. Mindfreek454 says:

    Fake ass whale sounds. Why would you do this?

  20. I believe the audio is fake. Nice video though, mate

  21. various_reflections says:

    I am grateful every day that most whales are not carnivorous

  22. Missed the opportunity to add a lion roar like they did for the shark in Jaws 4… THE REVENGE

  23. Kriamjolee says:

    Did anyone else desperately want to dive underwater and follow it?

  24. NoNamesAtAllForever says:

    Why the fuck is this wtf? That was godamn amazing.

  25. Gamerperson63 says:

    I would be… mortified.

  26. Hermilorom24 says:

    I mean I know how they sound but that was creepy as hell

  27. Darkfire346 says:



  29. Hmmark1984 says:

    and that is why i have never and will never go into oceans/deep lakes etc.. I’m always scared that anything could come up from below. I know that’s not really a thing with lakes etc.. but they still give me the same fear because i don’t *know* how deep it is or what’s underneath me etc…

  30. Projectile shitting yourself back to shore, not sure if this is a well known thing to say but it works very well.

  31. artinthebeats says:

    I’m confused, this is like going to a football game and being surprised they made a touchdown … This is the exact reason they are out there, to whale watch.

  32. JimmyHavok says:

    Peak life experience. I had a whale blow next to my boat while I was sitting with the motor off enjoying the waves, and it is imprinted into my memory.

  33. Initiative-Novel says:

    Q isso, Marcelaaa! Q loucura q delicia!!!!

  34. skullchurch says:

    Finally see a vid that isn’t slowed down and it’s audio has been altered, damnit I can never win!

  35. ahoyminoie says:

    Lil momma hoppin in the boat fine AF

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