I Had a Jack Black-Themed Maternity Photoshoot

I’m a massive Jack Black fan (and have been forever)! So when I got pregnant, it was the perfect opportunity to use my newfound belly to create the greatest and best Jack Black-themed maternity shoot in the world.

That’s when I gathered my most talented friends to help me make this dream a reality! A giant thank you to Alon Levin (@alonlevinart) on photography and editing, Shai Ben-Zvi (@shaibenz) on costumes and concept, and Yarden Bitton (@yarden.bitton.mua) on makeup and hair.

Pictured here is me as Jack Black’s LEGENDARY characters: Nacho Libre, Jumanji, Orange County, School of Rock, and Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny (with my husband and forever bestie, my Kyle, Hadar Amar).

Catch the behind-the-scenes video at the YouTube video linked below and follow me on Instagram. Oh, and I hope you enjoy it!

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