Humorous Ponder Woman Jokes

Q: What did Wonder Woman say to Spider Person?
A: “Don’t bug myself.”

Q: What do an individual call it when Wonder Female breaks wind?
A: A low profile “jet.”

Q: Precisely what is Wonder Womans favorite a part of a joke?
A: The “punch” line!

Q: Why cannot Wonder Woman drive a motor vehicle?
A: Because she’s a girl.

Q: Why did Ponder Woman refuse to date Mr.. Freeze?
A: He provided her the cold glenohumeral joint.

Q: Why did Ponder Woman stop checking the woman email?
A: Her mail was loaded with Spamazons.

Queen: What is Wonder Womans beloved book?
A: Alice inside Wonderland!

Q: What is Ponder Womans favorite drink?
Some sort of: Fruit punch!

Q: So why did Wonder Woman remove the toilet?
A: Since it was his duty!

Queen: What’s the difference between Ponder Woman and a unicorn?
Some sort of: Nothing, they’re both fantastic characters

Q: Why is Ponder Woman stupid?
A: Due to the fact she wears a seatbelt on her head.

Q: Facing Wonder Woman put in the woman beverages?
A: Just ice-cubes.

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There is a big bedroom with four corners.
From the first corner, you find Terme conseillé.
In the second corner you get Batman.
In the third spot you find Wonder Woman.
As well as in the fourth corner you find an incredibly intelligent, 100% natural brunette woman with an amazing ultra-thin magazine-model figure.
In the center of the area there is a pot of precious metal.
Q:Who gets to the whole pot of gold first?

Some sort of: None, because none of these kind of characters exist.

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