Joy in Animated Explainer Video lessons: Purpose and Types

Why Humor is Essential inside Animated Explainer Videos

Unlike a good ‘real’ video format, whereby ‘real’ people could depict light as well as intense individual emotions with equal elegance, the animated video formatting could, at best, be used to help imitate real human inner thoughts, essentially in a fun & cheerful way. This is largely so, because the default and even prominent attribute of movement as a communication technique, regardless of its purpose of use, is definitely light-heartedness. And although cartoon characters could represent people (or human-like beings) in the video, they can’t replace these people when it comes to showcasing real & deep emotions, that could fee or move the readers. Thus, the only emotional elegance that particularly goes very well with animated video-communication strategy is humor.

The biggest selling point of using a character animated explainer video for communication is it lets you present a visual images of your complex concept through one or more personified characters. Considering these characters are hand-drawn by a storyboard artist and can represent any imaginable (real/unreal, tangible/intangible) entity, there is an almost endless scope for creating unique identity representations that are funny and even lovable.

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Also, since movement has motion and appear elements, the creative connection techniques, like ‘Exaggeration’, ‘Satire’, ‘Parody’ and others that induce laughter, could be beautifully utilized to bring out visual humor by means of funny body language and/or cosmetic expressions of the moving heroes. This is another reason why wit naturally goes well along with animated video-communication technique.

Types of Humor Elements & How They Could Be Incorporated in a Animated Explainer Video

Loud Humor

Loud Humor involves those wit elements that are presented incredibly apparently and could easily become experienced by viewers as amusing and laughable. One evident way of bringing out this kind of wit in an animated explainer video clip is by intentionally writing an amusing script by using one or more wordplay techniques like pun, phonetic mix-ups, obscure words and even meanings, double entendres, rhetorical devices, and creating aiding visual humor elements, so the voiceover (the script) along with the visual- together bring out wit. Needless to mention, sound effects have fun with a very supportive and part in bringing out loud wit in an animated explainer video clip.

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Silent Humor

Silent Humor, in a animated explainer video will be the ‘not-so-obvious’ kind of humor. Amazing bringing out silent humor, can be creating only visual wit elements. Imagine, for example, a frame that is being contributed between a lead cartoon character and a supporting cartoon character. When you are viewing it, although most of your consideration would be on the lead identity, the supporting character may possibly still be animated to bring away humor through its gestures or facial expressions. This kind of subtle humor elements present that ‘special effect’ or maybe ‘magic touch’ to your cartoon video. Although the expressions or maybe body language of the supporting heroes would go with the flow on the script, still their humorousness is independent to their selves.

It often happens that if a humor element is just not very obvious to every audience, it makes it all the more joining because then, the audience automatically takes interest in rendering, rendition, interpretation this subtle humor, and doing so, pays more consideration while watching the video.

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Humor may pass as the glue that supports your own personal viewers to watch your animated explainer video, until eventually the very end. Therefore, when you use an animated explainer video technique for promoting, make sure it does have some wit elements. How many? Well, which will completely depends on your business business type and it is up to you to make the decision.

Source by Swati Katariya