How you can get big plump lips?


If you want to plump your lips, injections is the way to go. However, you have to consider the cost and the pain factor before deciding if you want to go under the needle.

“Remember that lip injections should enhance the natural shape of your lips, making them slightly fuller,” says Kaye. “They shouldn’t blow up your lips into an unnatural shape and size.”

In the past, collagen was the number one filler for lips. These days, it’s hyaluronic acid fillers. The procedure doesn’t take long and you can see the results right away. If you are fearful of going overboard, your doctor can give you a series of injections over a period of time until you achieve the desired results. Side effects are typically mild — just a little irritation and swelling — and the results generally last at least 6 months.

Before you decide to spring for lip injections, however, you should try some of these simple makeup tricks. You’ll be surprised at the results!

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