How to Do Something when You’re Bored

i'm bored

  1. Ask someone for advice you don’t need
  2. Listen to a painting
  3. Take your sofa for a walk
  4. Shave a shrub
  5. Hold a debate. Take both sides
  6. Interview a cloud
  7. Ask for advice at the chemist … disagree
  8. Put legwarmers on the furniture
  9. Mug a stop sign
  10. Clean and polish your belly button
  11. Water the dog … see if he grows
  12. Mow your carpet
  13. Rake your carpet (to clean up clippings from mowing)
  14. Dial-A-Therapist and argue
  15. Dial-A-Prayer for forgiveness for above
  16. Rent a dog to chase your car
  17. Let him catch it
  18. Sue the owner of above
  19. Confess to a crime you didn’t commit
  20. Play solitaire – with your toes
  21. Run for president
  22. Make friends with a bird in your garden … give him a name
  23. Give your goldfish language enrichment classes
  24. Talk politics to a tree
  25. Put out a fire
  26. If you can’t find a fire start one
  27. Confuse an ant by moving a grain of sugar around
  28. Tell your boss you are bored at the office
  29. Tell your kids the neighbors invited them for a party
  30. Learn to break dance .. on the couch
  31. Learn to Hip Hop dance in front of a window the neighbors can see
  32. Get a bubble blower and tell the secretary to count the bubbles
  33. Make up songs or poems about your mother-in-law
  34. Send it to her
  35. Play cards
  36. Play frisbee
  37. Play dead
  38. Make a tune with your phones keypad numbers
  39. Dial the above number and speak to them
  40. Sing opera
  41. Practice your cartwheel skills
  42. Write an autobiography about your boss
  43. Play pranks on your friends
  44. Change the names on someones phone
  45. Bore someone with the words “I am bored!”
  46. Turn the volume of the TV down and make up dialogue
  47. Visit a beauty salon – only ask for tips
  48. Take your TV for a walk in the garden
  49. Have a heart to heart with your car
  50. Have a picnic in the office on the carpet
  51. Talk to your imaginery friend in public
  52. Sing wildly to some music while in traffic
  53. Shave your head
  54. Shave someone elses head
  55. Tan patterns on your face
  56. Walk with your slippers into the office
  57. Give a stranger some marital advice
  58. Go fishing in your towns fountain
  59. Pull faces at strangers
  60. Teach your dog to say: “I can bite”
  61. Doodle with your wife or girlfriends nailpolish
  62. Laugh at the moon
  63. Serenade the sun
  64. Walk on an “invisible” thin line in a shop
  65. Snort your coffee
  66. Pretend to arrive home drunk. Now I AM BORED!
  67. Pretend to have a hangover at work
  68. Tickle a plant
  69. Baby talk a plant
  70. Phone someone and ask for their business address repeat it back wrong a few times
  71. Ask someone if they need a hand, give them a photo copy of a hand
  72. Change your accent after every sentence
  73. Have a swivel chair race
  74. Fill a balloon with water, draw a face & name and drop out of an office window
  75. Write “help!” on your car’s window
  76. Use a fruit as pointer for your next presentation
  77. Water the fake office plants … daily
  78. Decide whether it’s “I am bored!” or “I am a bore!”