How pilots control their plane

How pilots control their plane

How pilots control their plane

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32 thoughts on “How pilots control their plane

  1. child-of-old-gods says:

    I’m absolutely sure it takes only five buttons and three levers. Everything else is just there so they can brag about their job.


  2. Enemy Radar Killed me

  3. BusyAtilla says:

    “Make wings bigger” is my now my favorite technical term.

  4. fartyhardy says:

    I am very familiar with table to eat. Now I feel like a pilot on the sofa. *plane noises*

  5. “breaks”… Ffs.

  6. bob_the_cookies says:

    Well I now feel confident on flying a plane. Anyone got one I can borrow for the weekend?

  7. billysugger000 says:

    I don’t see the eeny, meeny, miney or moe buttons.

  8. TheKnightsRider says:

    Where’s the butting to request a fly by, or the screen to see if the pattern is full?

  9. ZenComFoundry says:

    Saved image. You never know…

  10. eskimoexplosion says:

    So there’s no heated seats then

  11. faketoby45 says:

    i don’t see a button to avoid towers

  12. Ok-Consideration3370 says:

    Is the brake switch on the far right of the panel? If I were a hypothetical pilot, and my mom was in the passenger seat, I’d have to keep a very close eye on that. She stomps my passenger side floor board trying to brake my car.

  13. BelowAverageSalad says:

    Thank you for clarifying where the window is, always wondered where that is

  14. okwownice says:

    Seems simple enough can I fly the next one out?

  15. bakedmaga2020 says:

    What does the window do?

  16. Viperlite says:

    Now if I’m resurrected from WWI to be Wonder Woman’s boyfriend, I’ll be able to hop right in and fly it without further ado.

  17. accoladevideo says:

    Also, never order the fish

  18. THALL_himself says:

    I’ve been a professional pilot for 5 months now and I still forget which buttons I’m pressing when in the air. I’m gonna print this out for a cheat sheet. Thanks!

  19. Mandy1538 says:

    TIL planes have pedals

  20. Pedals are to control rudder

  21. Me:
    *Saves it*
    You never know

  22. RadBadTad says:


    Let’s hope not!

  23. phelixthehelix says:

    “Breaks” lol

  24. BoSocks91 says:

    I thought all I had to do was tilt my joystick up and hold R.

    Nobody mentioned all this other shit

  25. TobyWasBestSpiderMan says:

    So flip the auto pilot on got it

  26. TheMellonMan says:

    “Trust me bro.”

  27. POCUABHOR says:

    take off: engine loud, houses get smaller
    landing: engine quiet, houses get bigger

  28. Ok-Consideration3370 says:

    Thank you for the reply.

  29. modest_crayon says:

    I’ve had a feeling my whole life I was born to fly planes. But it goes second hand with my undeniable fear of falling.

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