How much do you trust yourself?

How much do you trust yourself?

How much do you trust yourself?

How much do you trust yourself? from interestingasfuck

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27 thoughts on “How much do you trust yourself?

  1. johndenverspilot says:

    To be fair I’d be more confident doing this than having someone else shoot it off my head

  2. bluesbrother319 says:

    Not that much

  3. PeppaPigKilla says:

    This goes too quick to appreciate it. Anyone got sauce?

  4. ray198898765 says:

    At first I stupidly thought the same arrow was bouncing back and forth, which would mean even more so that your aim has to be PIN POINT or you’re dead, however after realising it’s just separate arrows setting off separate crossbows in a domino effect, the only thing she has to make sure of is that the crossbows are at the right angle. Alas, was majorly impressed at first, not so much now.

  5. I trust myself enough to know i shouldn’t trust myself to pull that kind of stuff off

  6. Puzzleheaded_Hat8204 says:

    By no means am I saying that I have the stones to do this, but really, only the aim of the last crossbow really matters.

    High-end crossbows are capable of holding 2″ groups from 40 yards, it looks like this might be a roughly 10 yard shot, so with good aim, this shouldn’t be a problem.

  7. otomakanihsotas666 says:

    I can trust a reliable system like that. But it is impresive lol

  8. 2qSiSVeSw says:

    How well do you trust your equipment to be accurate every time.

  9. Sea-Character-3167 says:

    i thought the arrow was bouncing back and forth lol

  10. dick-johnson69420 says:

    I don’t even trust myself when I say I’ll take one more piece of chocolate

  11. It’s a Rube Goldberg version of William Tell.

  12. Boosted_saga says:

    I’d be like “Is that apple juice or am I dead?”

  13. All you need to do is make the first shot, and if it misses nothing happens anyway. They’re all pre-aimed – how much do you trust the setup folks

  14. juicebox_tgs says:

    This looks way more impressive than what it actually is

  15. BigEdDurst says:

    I’m so confused..

  16. SugarcoatTheGalaxy says:

    A domino affect but with arrows. Takes some balls to stand there but it’s all lined up to hit the apple in the end so I’m sure she’s done this thousands of times

  17. Blueberry_Mancakes says:

    Is that David Bowie from Labyrinth?

  18. It’s two separate arrows. So don’t be fooled. The crossbow is already aimed directly at the Apple.

  19. the_crouton_ says:


    While it looks cool, it is nothing. She just hit one target, and the rest was mechanical and dialed in, down to the apple being suspended and not even on her head.

    The only way to fail is to jump right before the last arrow. I wouldn’t be surprised if her feet were glued down as well for this lackluster show.

  20. I mean, you pre aim literally all of the crossbows so it’s not that impressive, the only thing she did is hit the first target

  21. Naive_Squirrel2907 says:

    I think each impact would move the stand in an unpredictable manner. I’m betting there is a targeting system, at least on that final crossbow. Not sure how small such a thing could be, but we never get to see the stands up close.

  22. Goodluckduckie says:

    Stupid video, i’m not able to see what’s happening.

  23. pillowsnatcher88 says:

    Geez… that’s pretty wild and crazy!

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