How Long Has Comedy As Entertainment Been Around for?

Comedy as leisure has been round for some time. The oldest written comedy was written by a dramatist of the traditional Greek theater, Aristophanes. He wrote 40 comedies, and 11 of them are nonetheless being carried out right now.

These historic Greek comedies have been primarily based on “humor” that right now could be referred to as “politically incorrect.” They have been bawdy, sexist, and filled with sexual innuendo, and made enjoyable of sure teams or stereotypes.

Vaudeville gave delivery to trendy humor. Though humor was nonetheless principally politically incorrect, it did transfer on from sexual innuendo and making enjoyable of sure teams of individuals to extra refined types of “humorous.”

When transferring photos got here alongside, comedy was primarily based nearly completely upon motion. We referred to as it “slapstick.” Punching, hitting, twisting arms, and so forth. was humorous. The Three Stooges have been the quintessential slapstick comedians of the period. They might stroll right into a room filled with excessive society stuffed-shirts and depart the place in shambles. The Three Stooges motion pictures are nonetheless widespread right now, and no person has bettered their slapstick approach – ever.

You possibly can’t focus on comedy with out mentioning the “first couple of comedy,” Lucy and Desi. The “I Love Lucy” Present was comedy at its greatest. The jokes are nonetheless politically appropriate right now. It wasn’t essential to depend on sexual innuendo or ethnic humor. Lucy and Desi have been simply FUNNY. These outdated reruns can nonetheless make individuals snort!

Sexual and ethnic humor will get the “least expensive” laughs. Little or no expertise is required, and even the timing is not all that vital. REAL comedy makes you snort with out counting on low cost laughs. Take into consideration that the subsequent time you watch what typically passes for comedy right now.

True comedians are actual artists. Comedy might be THE most troublesome type of leisure. Comedians and comedies do not have to attend for the opinions to be written. If the viewers laughed in the appropriate locations, the present was a success. In the event that they did not, it wasn’t.

The leisure business contains the whole lot that is make-believe and/or makes us snort, cry, develop into fearful, or joyful or unhappy – or expertise another emotion due to what is going on earlier than our eyes.

I name the circus leisure at its most interesting, however there are those that would differ with me. Some wish to classify the “leisure business” solely as performs, motion pictures, or tv that employs actresses and actors to painting make-believe characters. That is just too slim a definition for me. I’ve stood in entrance of the monkey cage on the zoo and laughed tougher than I did on the final comedy manufacturing that I attended.

The leisure business, in my view, contains something and the whole lot that gives leisure – and that features the circus.

The circus has all of it. There’s suspense (excessive wire acts), there’s drama (trapeze acts), there’s comedy (clowns), and essentially the most wonderful educated unique animals you possibly can think about. That is leisure. What else would you name it?

The circus is not new. There was a circus in historic Rome. There have been horse exhibits, using exhibitions, staged battles, and jugglers, acrobats, and educated animals. The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey did not suppose up the circus.

Source by Ahmed Sudi

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