How Freak Out Your Roommate

how freak out your roommate 9756
  1. Smoke jimson weed. Do no matter comes naturally.
  2. Swap the sheets in your beds whereas s/he’s at class.
  3. Twitch quite a bit.
  4. Fake to speak whereas pretending to be asleep.
  5. Steal a fishtank. Fill it with beer and dump sardines in it. Speak to them.
  6. Develop into a subgenius.
  7. Inject his/her Twinkies with a combination of Dexatrim and MSG.
  8. Be taught to levitate. Whereas your roommate is trying away, float up out of your seat. When s/he turns to look, fall again down and grin.
  9. Communicate in tongues.
  10. Transfer your roommate’s private results round. Begin subtly. Regularly work as much as huge issues, and ultimately glue every little thing s/he owns to the ceiling.
  11. Stroll and discuss backwards.
  12. Spend all of your cash on Jolt Cola. Drink all of it. Stack the cans in the course of your room. Quantity them.
  13. Spend all of your cash on Transformers. Play with them at night time. In case your roommate says something, inform him/her with a straight face, “They’re greater than meets the attention.”
  14. Recite total film scripts (e.g. “The Street Warrior,” “Repo Man, “Casablanca,”) nearly inaudibly.
  15. Kill roaches with a monkey wrench whereas taking part in Wagnerian Arias on a kazoo. In case your roommate complains, clarify that it’s to your efficiency artwork class (or hit him/her with the wrench).
  16. Accumulate all of your urine in a small jug.
  17. Chain your self to your roommate’s mattress. Get him/her to deliver you meals.
  18. Get a pc. Depart it on if you end up not utilizing it. Flip it off if you end up.
  19. Ask your roommate if your loved ones can transfer in “only for a few weeks.”
  20. Purchase as many again problems with Subject and Stream as you may. Fake to masturbate whereas studying them.
  21. Faux a coronary heart assault. When your roommate will get the paramedics to return, faux nothing occurred.
  22. Eat glass.
  23. Smoke ballpoint pens.
  24. Smile. On a regular basis.
  25. Accumulate canine poop in child meals jars. Type them in line with what you suppose the canine ate.
  26. Burn all of your waste paper whereas eyeing your roommate suspiciously.
  27. Cover a bunch of potato chips and Ho Hos within the backside of a trash can. Once you get hungry, root round within the trash. Discover the meals, and eat it. In case your roommate empties the trash earlier than you get hungry, demand that s/he reimburse you.
  28. Depart a declaration of warfare in your roommate’s desk. Embody a listing of grievances.
  29. Paste boogers on the home windows in occult patterns.
  30. Shoot rubber bands at your roommate whereas his/her again is turned, after which look away rapidly.
  31. Dye all of your underwear lime inexperienced.
  32. Spill a variety of beer on his/her mattress. Swim.
  33. Purchase three loaves of stale bread. Develop mould within the closet.
  34. Cover your underwear and socks in your roommate’s closet. Accuse him/her of stealing it.
  35. Take away your door. Ship it to your roommate’s mother and father (postage due).
  36. Pray to Azazoth or Zoroaster. Sacrifice one thing nasty.
  37. Every time your roommate walks in, wait one minute after which get up. Announce that you’re going to take a bathe. Accomplish that. Hold this up for 3 weeks.
  38. Array 13 toothbrushes of various colours in your dresser. Refuse to debate them.
  39. Paint your half of the room black. Or paisley.
  40. Every time s/he’s about to go to sleep, ask questions that begin with “Didja ever marvel why….” Be artistic.
  41. Shave one eyebrow.
  42. Put your mattress beneath your mattress. Sleep down below there and pile your soiled garments on the empty bedframe. In case your roommate feedback, mutter “Gotta save area,” twenty occasions whereas twitching violently.
  43. Put horseradish in your footwear.
  44. Shelve all of your books with the spines going through the wall. Complain loudly that you may by no means discover the guide that you really want.
  45. All the time flush the bathroom thrice.
  46. Subsist solely on pickles for per week. Vomit typically.
  47. Purchase a duplicate of Frankie Yankovic’s “Pennsylvania Polka,” and play it not less than 6 hours a day. In case your roommate complains, clarify that it is an task to your primitive cultures class.
  48. Give him/her an allowance.
  49. Take heed to radio static.
  50. Open your window shades earlier than you fall asleep every night time. Shut them as quickly as you get up.
  51. Cry quite a bit.
  52. Ship secret admirer notes in your roommate’s e-mail.
  53. Clip your fingernails and toenails and maintain them in a baggie. Depart the baggie close to your pc and snack from it whereas learning. If s/he walks by, seize the bag shut and eye him/her suspiciously.
  54. Paste used Kleenexes to his/her partitions.
  55. Every time your roommate is available in from the bathe, decrease your eyes and giggle to your self.
  56. In the event you get in earlier than your roommate, fall asleep in his/her mattress.
  57. Put pornos below his/her mattress. Every time somebody comes to go to your roommate after they’re not dwelling, present them the magazines.
  58. Everytime you fall asleep, begin leaping in your mattress . . . accomplish that for some time, then leap actually excessive and act such as you hit your head on the ceiling. Crumple onto your mattress and faux such as you had been knocked out . . . use this technique to go to sleep each night time for a month.
  59. In case your roommate goes away for a weekend, change the locks.
  60. Every time his/her mother and father name and ask to your roommate, breathe into the telephone for five seconds then grasp up.
  61. Every time s/he goes to bathe, drop no matter you are doing, seize a towel, and go bathe too.
  62. Discover out your roommate’s put up workplace field code. Open it and take his/her mail. Do that for one month. After that, ship the mail to him/her by UPS.
  63. Accumulate your whole pencil shavings and sprinkle them on the ground.
  64. Create an imaginary cat for a pet. Speak to it each night time, act such as you’re holding it, maintain a litter field below your desk. After two weeks, say that your cat is lacking. Put up indicators in your dorm, blame your roommate.
  65. Name security & safety each time your roommate turns up his/her music.
  66. Comply with him/her round on weekends.
  67. Sit on the ground and discuss to the wall.
  68. Every time the telephone rings, stand up and reply the door.
  69. Every time somebody knocks, reply the telephone.
  70. Take his/her underwear. Put on it.
  71. Every time your roommate is strolling via the room, stumble upon him/her.
  72. Stare at your roommate for 5 minutes out of each hour. Do not say something, simply stare.
  73. Inform your roommate that somebody referred to as and stated that it was actually necessary however you may’t bear in mind who it was.
  74. Let mice free in his/her room.
  75. Give every of your partitions a unique title. Every time you may’t reply an issue, ask every of your partitions. Write down their responses, then ask your ceiling for the ultimate reply. Complain to your roommate that you do not belief your ceiling.
  76. Take your roommate’s papers and hand them in as your individual.
  77. Skip to the toilet.
  78. Take your whole roommate’s furnishings and construct a fort. Guard the fort for a whole weekend.
  79. Collect up a rubbish bag filled with leaves and throw them in a pile in his/her room. Bounce in them. Remark in regards to the stunning foliage.
  80. Once you stroll into your room, flip off your lights. Flip them on while you go away.
  81. Print up satanic indicators and go away them in your room the place s/he can discover them.
  82. Everytime you’re on the telephone and s/he walks in, grasp up instantly with out saying something and crawl below your desk. Sit there for 2 minutes than name whoever it was again.
  83. Insist on writing the complete lyrics to American Pie in your ceiling above your mattress. Sing them each night time earlier than you go to mattress.
  84. Use a bible as Kleenex.
  85. Burn incense.
  86. Eat moths.
  87. Purchase Sea Monkeys and develop them. Identify one after your roommate. Announce the following day that that one died. Identify one other one after your roommate. The following day say that it died. Hold this up till all of them die.
  88. Accumulate Chia Pets.
  89. Refuse to speak in something however signal language.
  90. Eat a bag of marshmallows earlier than you go to mattress. The following day, spray three bottles of whip cream throughout your flooring. Say you bought sick.
  91. Wipe deodorant throughout your roommate’s partitions.
  92. If that s/he’s within the room, come barging in out of breath. Ask in the event that they noticed a fats bald bare Tibetan man run via carrying 100 greenback invoice. Run again out swearing.
  93. Depart apple cores on his/her mattress.
  94. Hold feces in your fridge. Complain that there’s by no means something to eat.
  95. Urinate in a jar and go away it by your mattress. When your roommate is not trying, substitute it with a jar of apple juice. Wait till your roommate turns round. Drink it.
  96. Do not ever flush.
  97. Purchase an inflatable doll. Sleep with it.
  98. Cling stuffed animals with nooses out of your ceiling. Everytime you stroll by them mutter, “You should not have completed that to me.”
  99. Lick him/her whereas they’re asleep.
  100. Gown in drag.
  101. Purchase Lays potato chips with all of your cash. Stack the baggage in the course of the room in a pyramid. Eat them each time your roommate is within the room. For each one you eat, supply your roommate one, every time telling him, “Nobody can eat only one.”
  102. Put on no garments within the room besides a cowboy hat.
  103. Lay in the course of the room and chant to pagan gods.
  104. Plant grass within the carpet and scream at your roommate each time s/he takes a step within the room. Put up a ‘please do not stroll on the grass’ signal.
  105. Give your roommate’s garments to the Salvation Military.
  106. Fake to bathe typically however solely wash your hair within the sink. See how lengthy it takes your roommate to note.
  107. Learn a number of science fiction and start to behave as if you suppose your roommate is an alien in disguise. Bounce on him/her and attempt to rip off the humanoid masks the alien is sporting.
  108. Invite a homeless particular person to dwell in your room and sleep in your roommate’s mattress.
  109. Set off the smoke alarm in your room and inform the fireplace division your roommate was smoking.
  110. Develop into your individual twin brother and inform your roommate that you just and your brother by no means seem in the identical place without delay. Inform your roommate the identical factor once more after leaving and coming again into the room.
  111. Sleep face down below your mattress on a bunkbed and stare at your roommate all night time via the springs.
  112. Put on ammonia as a cologne.
  113. Every time your roommate goes to sleep, get up.
  114. Every time your roommate wakes up, fall asleep.
  115. Have actually bizarre pals who’ve unusual loud conversations. Every time your roommate walks in, you all be quiet and stare at him/her till s/he leaves.
  116. Mount a wall-sized mirror in your wall after which ask your roommate not to take a look at it as a result of demonic forces from the opposite facet will escape into this world if s/he does.
  117. Construct an antfarm. Let your ants have “jailbreaks”. Then ask your roommate that can assist you seek out all of the renegade ants.
  118. Put on nothing however tightie-whities each time your roommate has friends.
  119. Nail boards throughout your window. When your roommate asks why, inform him/her they’re all watching you.
  120. Begin a scab assortment. Hold it in a locked glass case in your desk. Inform your roommate that s/he was on the lookout for the important thing.
  121. Depart Kleenexes dipped in mayonnaise on the ground. Inform friends that your roommate is disgusting and present them.
  122. Begin a new-wave cult. Maintain nightly candle-lit rituals in your room along with your followers.
  123. Start to build up a used gum ball. Weigh it day-after-day. Accuse your roommate of stealing gum.
  124. Throw blood in your roommate when s/he’s sporting a coat and shout “animal killer”.
  125. Get a buddy to go away a message on the telephone along with your roommate for you saying the check outcomes got here again optimistic. When your roommate tells you, cough, faint, after which refuse to debate it.
  126. Snort quite a bit within the morning. Inform your roommate to be pleased on a regular basis.
  127. Put no-doze capsules in your roommate’s drinks.
  128. Set your alarm clock for 3 o’clock. Push the doze button each 5 minutes when it beeps for the following 5 hours, every time telling your roommate that you will get up in 5 minutes.
  129. Get your roommate’s social safety quantity. Name the registrar and change all of his/her lessons. Inform your roommate on the finish of the time period that the Philosophical Environmental Anthropology examination is meant to be actually laborious. Want him/her luck.
  130. Play Dungeons & Dragons on a regular basis. Inform your roommate to obey you as a result of you’re the Dungeon Grasp. Assault invisible dragons with a cardboard sword.
  131. Make a voodoo doll of your roommate. Kill it.
  132. Be taught the phrases to all of your roommate’s favourite songs. Sing alongside.
  133. Be taught to play an accordion.
  134. Make a contract with the Mafia to kill your roommate. That is very annoying.
  135. Construct a snowman out of massive balls of bathroom paper. Throw water on it and start to cry that the snowman is melting.
  136. Put Vaseline on every little thing. Inform your roommate that you just had been simply making an attempt to “loosen up” the room.
  137. Inform your roommate each day that s/he’s projecting destructive karma.
  138. Every time your roommate will get garments again from the laundry, disguise them. Then put on some day-after-day till you may have eliminated all of the stolen garments from hiding and they’re all now soiled. Ask your roommate to clean them once more.
  139. Be taught a variety of quotations. Everytime you discuss to your roommate, say nothing however quotes for 3 weeks.
  140. Undertake an iguana. Accumulate the pores and skin peelings. Give them to your roommate as a peace providing from Peter (the iguana).
  141. Deliver a number of canine to your room. Maintain conversations with them each time your roommate is available in. If s/he complains, inform him/her s/he’s being prejudiced on the idea of your mates’ species. Name him/her a bigot.
  142. Join your roommate for all the novel organizations on campus. In the event that they name, inform them s/he’s very concerned about and in favor of their trigger.
  143. Purchase seven totally different coloured yo-yo’s. Follow with them seven hours a day, alternating yo-yo’s on the hour.
  144. Create an animal cemetery in your flooring. Maintain memorial companies. In case your roommate complains, inform him/her that s/he has no respect for the lifeless.
  145. When your roommate is typing, sort in your keyboard in synchronization.
  146. Develop into a Trekkie. Speak to your communicator. Inform Scottie to beam you up and run rapidly from the room. In case your roommate asks, inform him/her “Dammit, Jim, I am simply a physician!”
  147. Purchase forty two-liter bottles of generic soda. Dump out one bottle. Each time you drink a bottle, piss within the empty one. Accomplish that till you may have thirty-nine bottles of urine. Complain to your roommate that generic soda tastes terrible.
  148. Order 5 anchovy pizzas to your roommate. When the deliverer arrives, inform them that your roommate likes to play jokes on the pizza place after which your roommate lies about his/her ordering. Inform them the place s/he’s.
  149. Put in your contacts while you go to mattress. Scream in agony as you rip them out of your bloody eyelids within the morning. Put them in once more that night time. Complain to your roommate that you just simply cannot see a darned factor anymore.
  150. Insist that you’re a vegetarian and protest anytime your roommate eats meat. Then go away “Slim Jim” wrappers on the ground and lie on the mattress holding your abdomen each time your roommate walks in. If s/he asks in regards to the wrappers, say nothing about them.
  151. Get some hair. Disperse it round your roommate’s head whereas s/he’s asleep. Hold a pair of scissors by your mattress. Snicker at your roommate each morning.
  152. Each time your roommate walks in yell, “Hooray! You are again!” as loud as you may and dance across the room for 5 minutes. Afterwards, maintain your watch and saying, “Should not you be going someplace?”
  153. Trash the room when your roommate’s not round. Then go away and wait to your roommate to return again. When s/he does, stroll in and act stunned. Say, “Uh-oh, it appears like THEY had been right here once more.”
  154. Each time you see your roommate yell, “You son of a…” and kick him/her within the abdomen. Then purchase him/her some ice cream.
  155. Set your roommate’s mattress on fireplace. Apologize and clarify that you have been watching an excessive amount of “Beavis & Butthead.” Do it once more. Inform him/her that you just’re not sorry as a result of this time, they deserved it.
  156. Put your glasses on earlier than you go to mattress. Take them off as quickly as you get up. In case your roommate asks, clarify that they’re Magic Dream Glasses. Complain that you have been having horrible nightmares.
  157. Eat a number of “Fortunate Charms.” Select all of the yellow moons and stockpile them within the closet. In case your roommate inquires, clarify that guests are coming, however you may’t say something extra, otherwise you’ll must face the implications.
  158. Arrange conferences along with your roommate’s school advisor. Inquire about his/her tutorial potential. Take a number of notes, after which give your roommate a full report. Insist that s/he do the identical.
  159. “Drink” a uncooked egg for breakfast each morning. Clarify that you’re in coaching. Eat a dozen donuts each night time.
  160. Each Thursday, pack up every little thing you personal and inform your roommate you are going dwelling. Come again in an hour and clarify that nobody was dwelling. Unpack every little thing and fall asleep.
  161. Each time you get up, begin yelling, “Oh, my God! The place the hell am I?!” and run across the room for a couple of minutes. Then return to mattress. In case your roommate asks, say you do not know what s/he’s speaking about.
  162. Draw a tiny, black spot in your arm. Make it larger day-after-day. Have a look at it and say, “It is spreading, it is spreading.”
  163. Purchase a McDonald’s “Glad Meal” for lunch day-after-day. Eat the straw and the serviette. Throw every little thing else away.
  164. Purchase a plant. Sleep with it at night time. Speak to it. After a couple of weeks, begin to argue with it loudly. Then yell, “I am unable to dwell in the identical room with you,” storm out of the room and slam the door. Do away with the plant, however maintain the pot. Refuse to debate the plant ever once more.
  165. Purchase a jack-in-the-box. Daily, flip the deal with till the clown pops out. Scream constantly for twenty minutes.
  166. Cling up photos of chickens all around the room. In case your roommate eats eggs, yell at him/her and name him/her a cannibal.
  167. Purchase some knives. Sharpen them each night time. When you’re doing so, have a look at your roommate and mutter, “Quickly, quickly….”
  168. Lock the door whereas your roommate is out. When s/he comes again and tries to unlock it, yell, “Do not are available in, I am bare!” Hold this up for a number of hours. Once you lastly let your roommate in, instantly take off your whole garments, and ignore your roommate.
  169. Usher in potential “new” roommates from round campus. Give them excursions of the room and the constructing. Have them ask about your roommate in entrance of him/her, and reply, “Oh, him/her? S/he will not be right here for much longer.”
  170. In case your roommate comes dwelling after midnight, hit him/her on the pinnacle with a rolling pin. Instantly go to mattress, muttering, “Ungrateful little…”
  171. Pile soiled dishes in your roommate’s mattress. Insist that you do not know how they received there.
  172. Accumulate lots of of pens and pile them on one facet of the room. Hold one pencil on the opposite facet of the room. Snort on the pencil.
  173. Feign a critical sickness for 2 weeks. Have a priest come to your room and go to you. Write out a will, leaving every little thing to your roommate. Someday, miraculously “get well.” Insist that your roommate write out a will, leaving every little thing to you. Each time s/he coughs, excitedly say, “Oooh, are you dying?”
  174. Stay within the hallway for a month. Afterwards, deliver your whole stuff again into the room and inform your roommate, “Okay, your flip.”
  175. Hold a tarantula in a jar for 3 days. Then do away with the tarantula. In case your roommate asks, say, “Oh, she’s round right here someplace.”
  176. Inform your roommate, “I’ve received an necessary message for you.” Then faux to faint. Once you get well, say you may’t bear in mind what the message was. In a while, say, “Oh, yeah, I bear in mind!” Fake to faint once more. Hold this up for a number of weeks.
  177. Bowl contained in the room. Arrange tournaments with different folks within the constructing. Award somebody a trophy. In case your roommate needs to bowl too, clarify that s/he wants bowling footwear.
  178. Stroll backwards on a regular basis. Then faux to journey and harm your self. Faux an damage and undergo an extended, painful restoration. Begin strolling backwards once more.
  179. Whereas your roommate is out, glue your footwear to the ceiling. When your roommate walks in, sit on the ground, maintain your head, and moan.
  180. Clarify to your roommate that you will be housing a potential scholar within the close to future. Someday, usher in a pig. In case your roommate protests, hug the pig and inform your roommate that s/he harm its emotions. Watch TV with the pig, consuming a number of bacon.
  181. Make a sandwich. Do not eat it, go away it on the ground. Ignore the sandwich. Wait till your roommate eliminates it, after which say, “Hey, the place the hell is my sandwich!?” Complain loudly that you’re hungry.
  182. Punch a gap within the TV. Sit and watch it anyway, complaining in regards to the poor image high quality.
  183. Put on a cape. Stand in entrance of an open window for about an hour day-after-day. Then, sooner or later, when your roommate is gone, go outdoors and lie down beneath the window, pretending to be harm, and wait to your roommate to return. The following day, begin standing in entrance of the window once more.
  184. Accumulate potatoes. Paint faces on them and provides them names. Identify one after your roommate. Separate your roommate’s potato from the others. Wait a couple of days, after which bake your roommate’s potato and eat it. Clarify to your roommate, “He [/She] simply did not belong.”
  185. Fill an empty shaving cream can with whipped cream. Use it to shave, after which spray some into your mouth. In a while, complain that you just really feel sick. Proceed this course of for a number of weeks.
  186. Cowl your mattress with a tent. Stay inside it for per week. In case your roommate asks, clarify that “It is a jungle on the market.” Get your roommate to deliver you meals and water.
  187. Hold a vacuum cleaner in the course of the room. Have a look at it with worry for a couple of days. Then keep out of the room solely, opening the door solely a crack and whispering to your roommate, “Psst! Is it gone?”
  188. Break the window with a rock. In case your roommate protests, clarify that you just had been sizzling. Open and shut the damaged window as you usually would.
  189. Throw darts at a naked wall. Swiftly, act excited, telling your roommate that you just hit the bull’s eye.
  190. Ship flowers to your roommate, with a card that claims, “I am sorry. It will not occur once more.” Once you see them, begin ripping up the flowers. Repeat the method for a couple of weeks.
  191. Name your roommate “Clyde” accidentally. Begin doing so sometimes. Enhance the frequency over the following few weeks, till you might be calling him/her “Clyde” on a regular basis. In case your roommate protests, say, “I am sorry. I will not do this anymore, Murray.”
  192. Rent an evening watchman to protect the room if you are sleeping.
  193. Transfer every little thing to at least one facet of the room. Ask your roommate if s/he is aware of how a lot an elephant weighs, and have a look at the ground on the empty facet of the room with concern.
  194. Follow needlepoint each night time. At one level, seize your thumb and scream, “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” Cry hysterically for a couple of minutes, after which go to mattress. Sob and sniff all night time.
  195. When your roommate is available in, faux that you’re on the telephone, screaming angrily and shouting obscenities. After you grasp up, say, “That was your mother. She stated she’d name again.”
  196. Each time your roommate is available in, instantly flip off the lights and go to mattress. When s/he leaves, stand up and loudly yell, “Okay, guys, you may come out now.”
  197. Begin sporting a crown, on a regular basis. In case your roommate tells you to take it off, say, “Who the hell do you suppose you might be? A king?”
  198. Sit in entrance of a chess board for hours, saying nothing, doing nothing. Then, search for and say, “I feel this recreation goes quite a bit sooner with two gamers.”
  199. Speak again to your “Rice Krispies.” Swiftly, act offended, throw the bowl on the ground and kick it. Refuse to scrub it up, explaining, “No, I wish to watch them endure.”
  200. Change the locks on the door. Do not let your roommate in except s/he says the key phrase. Change the key phrase typically. In case your roommate cannot guess the key phrase, make him/her pay a tithe.
  201. Scatter stuffed animals across the room. Put get together hats on them. Play loud music. When your roommate walks in, flip off the music, take off the get together hats, put away the stuffed animals, and say, “Effectively, it was enjoyable whereas it lasted.”
  202. Cling a tire swing from the ceiling. Act like a monkey. If somebody in addition to your roommate is available in, stop performing like a monkey and declare that the tire swing was your roommate’s concept. Once you and your roommate are alone once more, proceed performing like a monkey.
  203. Unplug every little thing within the room aside from one toaster. Pray to the toaster. Deliver it presents. Throw a few of your roommate’s possessions out the window. Say that the toaster made you do it.
  204. Problem your roommate to a duel. If s/he refuses, declare that you’ve received by forfeit and due to this fact conquered his/her facet of the room. Insist that s/he take away all of his/her possessions instantly.
  205. Signal your roommate up for numerous actions. (Campus tour information, blood donor, organ donor).
  206. Begin dressing like an Indian. In case your roommate inquires, declare that you’re getting in contact along with your Native-American roots. In case your roommate accuses you of not having any Native-American roots, declare that s/he has offended your folks and put a curse in your roommate.
  207. Put on your footwear on the flawed ft, on a regular basis. Consistently complain that your ft harm.
  208. Hit your roommate on the pinnacle with a brick. Declare that you just had been making an attempt to kill a mosquito.
  209. Steal one thing beneficial of your roommate’s. If s/he asks about it, inform him/her that you just traded it for some magic beans. Give some beans to your roommate.
  210. As an alternative of turning off the sunshine change, smash the sunshine bulb with a hammer. Put a brand new bulb within the subsequent day. Complain typically about the price of gentle bulbs.
  211. Videotape your self hammering a nail right into a wall for some time, after which stopping. Play the tape in your room. Proper earlier than the hammering stops on the videotape, have a look at the display screen and say, “Do not do this.”
  212. Purchase a lamp. Inform your roommate it is a magic lamp, with a genie inside it. Spend per week fascinated by what to want for. On the finish of the week, report that somebody has launched the genie from the lamp. Blame your roommate.
  213. Every time your roommate brushes his/her enamel, watch him/her accomplish that. Take notes. Write a paper on it, and flow into it round campus. In case your roommate protests, say, “The folks have a proper to know!”
  214. Accumulate potato chips that you just suppose appear to be well-known folks. Discover one that appears like your roommate. Burn it, and clarify, “It needed to be completed.”
  215. Learn the telephone guide out loud and excitedly. (“Frank Johnson! Oh, wow! 837-9494! Holy cow!”)
  216. Shadow field a number of occasions a day. Someday, stroll in trying depressed. In case your roommate asks what’s flawed, clarify that your shadow cannot field with you anymore resulting from an damage. Ask your roommate when you can field together with his/her shadow.
  217. Once you stroll into the room, have a look at your roommate in disgust and yell, “Oh, you are right here!” Stroll away yelling and cursing.
  218. Put up flyers across the constructing, reporting that your roommate is lacking. Provide a reward for his/her protected return.
  219. Purchase a watermelon. Draw a face on it and provides it a reputation. Ask your roommate if the watermelon can sleep in his/her mattress. In case your roommate says no, drop the watermelon out the window. Make it appear to be a suicide. Say nasty issues about your roommate on the funeral.
  220. Draw a chalk define on the ground. When your roommate is available in, say, “Don’t fret. It isn’t what you suppose.” If s/he asks about it once more, instantly change the topic.
  221. Drink a cup of espresso each morning. Once you end it, gnaw on the mug for about ten minutes. Then, have a look at your roommate, instantly put the mug away, and rapidly go away the room.
  222. Paint a tunnel on the wall like they do in cartoons. Daily, hit your head as you try and crawl via it. Maintain your head and grumble, “Rattling street runner….”
  223. Depart memos in your roommate’s mattress that say issues like, “I do know what you probably did,” and “Do not suppose you may idiot me.” Signal them in blood.
  224. Maintain a raffle, providing your roommate as first prize. If s/he protests, inform him/her that it is all for charity.
  225. Make cue playing cards to your roommate. Get them out everytime you’d prefer to have a dialog.
  226. Speak like a pirate, on a regular basis. Threaten to make your roommate stroll the plank if s/he does not swab the deck. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!
  227. Arrange about twenty vegetation in an organized formation. When your roommate walks in, faux to be in the course of delivering a speech to the vegetation. Whisper to them, “We’ll proceed this later,” whereas eyeing your roommate suspiciously.
  228. Purchase a telescope. Sit in your mattress and look throughout the room at your roommate via the telescope. Once you’re not utilizing the telescope, act like your roommate is just too distant so that you can see.
  229. Hold some worms in a shoebox. When doing homework, go and seek the advice of with the worms sometimes. Then change into offended, shouting on the worms that they are silly and they do not know what they’re speaking about.
  230. Watch “Psycho” day-after-day for a month. Then act excited each time your roommate goes to take a bathe.
  231. Put on a paper hat. Each time your roommate walks in, say, “Welcome to McDonald’s, can I take your… Oh, it is simply you.” Take off the hat, sit, and pout.
  232. Undergo your roommate’s textbooks with a purple pen, altering issues and making random corrections. In case your roommate protests, inform him/her that you just simply could not take it anymore.
  233. Depart the room at random, knock on the door, and wait to your roommate to allow you to again in. If s/he asks about it, go on a tangent in regards to the significance of excellent manners.
  234. Cling a horseshoe above the door. Make up tales about having had good luck. Then, take the horseshoe down and wrap your head in bandages. Once you see your roommate, look above the door the place the horseshoe was once, maintain your head, and mutter, “Silly horseshoe….”
  235. Carve a jack-o’lantern. Complain to your roommate that the jack-o-lantern has been watching you. The following day, inform your roommate that the jack-o-lantern thinks s/he has been watching it. Open up to your roommate that you just actually do not just like the jack-o’lantern, however you may’t persuade it to maneuver out.
  236. As quickly as your roommate turns the sunshine off at night time, start singing well-known operas as loud as you may. When your roommate activates the sunshine, go searching and faux to be confused.
  237. Cling a basketball internet on the wall. Problem your fridge to basketball video games, and play them in entrance of your roommate. Accomplish that for a couple of month. Open up to your roommate that you just suppose the fridge has been taking steroids.
  238. Drink a number of lemonade. Speak obnoxiously for hours about how a lot you’re keen on lemonade. Then, sooner or later, paint your face yellow. From then on, complain about how a lot you hate lemonade.
  239. Late at night time, begin conversations that start with, “Keep in mind the great outdated days, after we used to…” and make up tales involving you and your roommate.
  240. Every time your roommate sneezes, go and conceal within the closet for about and hour. Go searching nervously for the remainder of the day.
  241. Sit and stare at your roommate for hours. Deliver others in to hitch you. Eat peanuts, throwing a couple of at your roommate. Then say, “Boy, these zoos simply aren’t what they was once.”
  242. Inform your roommate that your toe hurts, and meaning there’s going to be an earthquake quickly. Whereas your roommate is out, trash every little thing on his/her facet of the room. When s/he returns, clarify that the earthquake hit, however solely on one facet of the room.
  243. Purchase a gun. Clear it day-after-day. Someday, put a Band-Support in your brow, and refuse to debate the gun ever once more.
  244. Purchase a lobster. Fake to play playing cards with it. Complain to your roommate that the lobster is making up his personal guidelines.
  245. Make pancakes each morning, however do not eat them. Draw faces on them, and toss them within the closet. Watch them for a number of hours every day. Complain to your roommate that your “pancake farm” is not evolving right into a self-sufficient group. Open up to your roommate that you just suppose the king of the pancakes has been taking bribes.
  246. While you’re ironing, faux to burn your self. Begin a rubbish can fireplace in the course of the room. Toss the iron inside. In case your roommate objects, clarify that you’re simply making an attempt to get even.
  247. Purchase some turtles. Paint numbers on their backs. Race them down the corridor.
  248. Create a military of animal crackers. Put them via fundamental coaching. Arrange little checkpoints across the room. Inform your roommate that the camel noticed him/her in a restricted space and stated to not do it once more. Ask your roommate to apologize to the camel.
  249. Put out a plate of cookies at night time. Inform your roommate that they are for the Sandman. Take a chew out of one of many cookies whereas your roommate is asleep. The following morning, accuse your roommate of getting bitten one of many cookies. If s/he tries to inform you the Sandman did it, insist that what the Sandman’s enamel marks appear to be and that these are, in reality, not the Sandman’s enamel marks. Grumble angrily and storm out of the room.
  250. Make brown-bag lunches to your roommate each morning. Give them to him/her earlier than s/he goes to class.
  251. Each time you enter the room, sit in a chair, lean again too far, and fall over backwards. Snort hysterically for about ten minutes. Then, sooner or later, repeat the falling-over train, however as an alternative of laughing, stand up, have a look at the chair sternly, and say, “It isn’t humorous anymore.”
  252. Learn with a flashlight when the lights are on. Fake to learn with out one when the lights are out, remarking sometimes how nice the guide is.
  253. Get a surfboard. Put it in your mattress. Stand on it, and faux to surf for about fifteen minutes. Then, faux to “wipe out,” and fall out of bed onto the ground. Fake you might be drowning till your roommate comes over to “rescue” you.
  254. Hold a hamster as a pet. Purchase a blender, and make milkshakes day-after-day. Then, sooner or later, do away with the hamster. Make a shake utilizing a variety of ketchup. When your roommate is available in, have a look at the shake, have a look at the empty cage, and inform your roommate, “I used to be curious.”
  255. Make toast for breakfast each morning, however do not plug the toaster in. Eat the plain bread, trying on the toaster angrily, and complain that the toaster does not know what it is doing. In case your roommate suggests plugging it in, go on a tangent about fire-safety hazards.
  256. Pack up your whole issues and inform your roommate that you are going away to “end up.” Depart, and are available again in about ten minutes. In case your roommate asks, clarify that you just’re not a tough man/lady to seek out.
  257. By no means converse to your roommate instantly. If it is advisable to ask or inform him/her one thing, go to a different room and name him/her on the telephone.
  258. Each night time, earlier than you go to mattress, beg your roommate for a glass of water. When s/he brings it, dump it on the ground and instantly fall asleep. If s/he ever refuses to deliver you a glass of water, lie on the mattress and faux to be dying of dehydration, making annoying gagging sounds, till s/he does so.
  259. Each time the telephone rings, activate the stereo at full quantity and start to violently slam-dance along with your roommate. If s/he asks about it, say, “Oh, that rattling hypnotist….”
  260. Cling an image of your roommate on the wall. Throw darts at it. Smile at your roommate typically, saying issues like, “How good to see you once more.”
  261. Get a can of beans. Label them, “Leaping beans.” Eat them, after which leap across the room. Get one other can of beans. Label them, “Dancing beans.” Eat them, after which dance across the room. Get one other can of beans. Label them, “Kill Your Roommate beans.” Eat them, smiling at your roommate.
  262. Each time your roommate falls asleep, wait ten minutes, after which wake him/her up and say, “It is time to go to mattress now.”
  263. Insist that your roommate recite the “Pledge Of Allegiance” with you each morning.
  264. Recite Dr. Seuss books on a regular basis. Ultimately, suppose up melodies for the phrases and sing them loudly and on to your roommate. If s/he tells you to cease, act offended and spend the day in mattress.
  265. Put up visitors indicators across the room. In case your roommate does not obey them, give him/her tickets. Confiscate one thing your roommate owns till s/he pays the tickets.
  266. Stroll, discuss, and gown like a cowboy always. In case your roommate inquires, inform him/her, “Don’t fret, little buckaroo. You may be protected with me.”
  267. Complain that your elbows, knees, and different joints have been bothering you. Get a screwdriver, and faux to “repair” them.
  268. Paint summary work, and title them issues like, “Roommate Dying in a Automobile Crash,” and “Roommate Getting Whacked within the Head with a Shovel.” Remark typically about how a lot you’re keen on the work.
  269. Put on glasses, and complain that you may by no means see something. Stumble upon partitions and doorways. Put your garments on backwards. Say, “Who’s that?” each time your roommate enters the room. Once you’re not sporting the glasses, act like you may see effective.
  270. Purchase a lava lamp. Stare at it for hours, imitating its actions along with your face. Clarify to your roommate that you’ve established a reference to the spirit world via the lava lamp. Inform your roommate that “Grandma stated ‘hello.'”
  271. Hold empty jars on the shelf. Inform your roommate that that is your assortment of “inert gases.” Have a look at them typically. Someday, act stunned and angered, and accuse your roommate of getting launched one of many gases. Cowl your nostril and mouth and run out of the room.
  272. Put on scary Halloween masks. Look within the mirror and scream hysterically for about 5 minutes each time you place one on.
  273. Rollerskate up and down the hallway. Each time you see your roommate, crash into him/her and knock him/her down. Apologize, and say that s/he seemed like “the enemy.”
  274. Put headphones in your roommate whereas s/he’s sleeping, and subliminally train him/her to talk Spanish, play the trombone, and memorize all the most important imports and exports of every African nation.
  275. Stick your head out the window, however overlook to open it, in order that your head crashes via the glass. Then say, “Foolish me,” open the window once more, and attempt to stick your head via. Act such as you hit your head on one thing.
  276. Gown like a navy officer. Insist that your roommate salute you upon sight. If s/he refuses, insist that s/he do 100 push-ups. Hold saying issues like, “Your momma is not right here to care for you any extra.”
  277. Hold a set of enamel in a jar. Act excited everytime you add to it, and say issues like, “In a short while I will have sufficient for that sailboat.”
  278. Get a pet rabbit. At a chosen time day-after-day, take the rabbit into the toilet and interact in loud shouting matches. In case your roommate inquires, refuse to debate the state of affairs.
  279. Unfold toothpicks all around the flooring. Stare at them, performing such as you’re making an attempt to learn one thing. Inform your roommate it is a message from God, however you are unsure whether or not it is a warning a couple of beloved one at risk or a recipe for actually nice chili.
  280. Every time your roommate has firm, stroll over into the center of the room and sit down cross-legged with out saying a phrase. Be oblivious to their presence. Pull an extended piece of string out of your pocket, leaving one finish nonetheless in your pocket. Take the opposite finish and place it in your mouth. Make LOUD chewing noises as you chew on the string. If anyone says something give them a questioning look, grunt, and proceed to chew whereas staring, unfocused, straight forward.
  281. Purchase a duplicate of Helter Skelter or Silence of the Lambs or any equally gruesomely titled guide. Sit in a room along with your roommate and browse the guide (or faux to) with a highlighter mumbling, “That appears good…” as you spotlight passages within the guide.
  282. Every so often begin twitching violently and scream “Snakes, snakes!”
  283. Subscribe to as many mailing lists and reply to as a lot spam as attainable below your roommate’s title. Complain that you just by no means get mail.
  284. Put on your clothes backwards and stroll across the room backwards.
  285. Carry a pair of walkie-talkies with you always. Insist that s/he use one when ever s/he needs to speak to you.
  286. Play disguise and search with your self. In case your roommate asks what you are doing behind the sofa, below the desk, and many others., have a look at them exasperatedly, come out of hiding and inform him/her that s/he gave away your hiding place. Refuse to speak to him/her for a number of hours.
  287. Tie bedsheets collectively right into a rope. Use it to get out of the dorm each morning.
  288. Steal a tire from a fraternity garden. Deliver it to your room. Bathe it. Identify it. Sleep in it.
  289. Depart your room and lock the door. Proceed to bang on the door, screaming, “Let me in.” Get mad at your roommate for locking you out.
  290. Speak on the telephone quite a bit. Do not decide up the receiver.
  291. Speak to your roommate however do not let any sound come out. Get mad at him/her for not listening to you.
  292. Ask your roommate if Bob, your invisible buddy, can keep the night time. If s/he agrees, ask your roommate if s/he can flip down the music. Clarify that Bob has a headache.
  293. Begin a brothel.
  294. Consistently slip and fall-on your carpet.
  295. Publish an indication in your lavatory that reads: “If it is yellow let it mellow, if it is brown flush it down.” Verify each time to verify s/he follows it.
  296. Invite the Dean to sleep over.
  297. Invite the varsity President to sleep over.
  298. Invite your roommate to sleep over.
  299. Let your alarm clock go off and refuse to show it off. In case your roommate feedback, faux to not hear something.
  300. Stroll into partitions.
  301. Depart little notes within the bathe for him/her.
  302. Each time you’re taking a bathe, yell audibly, “I am melting, I am melting!”
  303. When your roommate has pals over, get below your covers and stare at them via slightly gap within the covers. Use a telescope.
  304. Once you go away the room, placed on a screensaver that claims, “I am watching you.”
  305. Make a care package deal to your roommate. Depart the room and journey forwards and backwards outdoors your window saying, “Speedy Supply!” till s/he comes out.
  306. Transfer very stiffly and grin. Inform your roommate that you have changed into Gumby.
  307. Examine pc science and take heed to techno whereas speaking about robots taking on the world.
  308. Sleep with a banana (or lemon) and refuse to throw it out even after it rots.
  309. Put on a foolish hat.
  310. Inform him/her that you just’re committing suicide, and let him/her discover some dynamite below your mattress.
  311. Depart a number of capsules in your drawer, and stroll round like a zombie.
  312. Transfer your mattress across the room as soon as a day, and go away it in a brand new place each night time.
  313. Lock your door each time you undergo it. Inform him/her that you just’re afraid of aliens.
  314. Eat uncooked pasta for dinner.
  315. Put bricks in the course of the room, and clarify to him/her that you just intend to make a fire to save lots of electrical energy.
  316. Write letters to your self from well-known folks. Mail them to your self.
  317. Prepare your pillows and blankets each night time to make it appear to be you might be asleep. Do that for 3 weeks. Purchase a cantaloupe and a knife. Stick the knife within the cantaloupe. Lay it on the pillow the place your head ought to be.
  318. Spend hours in your room on private hygiene. Spend not less than an hour a day clipping your nails, one other hour combing your hair, one more hour washing your face and palms, and many others.
  319. Purchase copies of Playgirl if you’re male, or Playboy if you’re feminine. Learn the journal very slowly. In case your roommate feedback, grin and say, “I purchased it for the articles.”
  320. Take a thirty-minute bathe. Flip the water off. Go to the bathroom for 5 minutes. Get again within the bathe and take one other thirty-minute bathe. In case your roommate feedback, shake your head and mutter, “Rattling diarrhea.”
  321. Speak on the telephone in gibberish. Use a high-pitched, squeaky tone.
  322. Depart morbid outgoing messages in your answering machine. Be artistic.
  323. When your roommate is about to return dwelling, disguise within the closet. 5 minutes after s/he will get dwelling, stroll out. If s/he feedback, act as if you do not know what s/he is speaking about.
  324. Carve grotesque, morbid, and/or erotic photos into your bedframe with a butcher knife.
  325. Place porn mags, each soft- and hard-core, across the room. Purchase ten or twenty jars of Vaseline. Stack them in a pile in a nook on the ground. Every time your roommate is anticipating firm, smear your palms with Vaseline. When greeting them, shake palms vigorously for a minute.
  326. Everytime you’re speaking to your roommate, add additional phrases to your sentences (“Hey Dan, did you flip in your Calculus -lick- homework?”). When speaking to different folks round your roommate, add his/her title to your dialog (“Are you able to give me the -Dan- notes for Friday’s physics class?”). In case your roommate feedback, act as if you do not know what s/he is speaking about.
  327. Take up taking part in a musical instrument. Follow continually within the room, however do not play something coherent. Play “Sizzling Cross Buns” or related three-note songs twenty occasions till you get it good.
  328. Take up cooking. Prepare dinner unique meals from scratch with out utilizing any cookbooks or recipes.
  329. Come dwelling at three within the morning sporting shredded denims and no shirt. Dive into the room and below your mattress. Inform your roommate that you just had been being held captive by ten Mesopotamian foot troopers in full battle array.
  330. Burn candles at night time. Yell at your roommate if s/he activates any gentle and declare that they will scare “your mates” away.
  331. Invite your invisible pals over for a couple of weeks. Blame them when all his/her beer is gone. Be convincing.
  332. Get a Brother P-Contact labeler. Label EVERYTHING!!!
  333. Every time your boyfriend/girlfriend sleeps over, go away sporting his/her garments.
  334. Cover all of your roommate’s stuff and inform him/her that s/he by no means lived with you. Further factors if s/he checks with the housing director.
  335. Give your roommate a plastic bag. Ask him/her to shit in it as a result of your pet dung beetles are hungry.
  336. Borrow your roommate’s garments. Provide to clean them, then act like they had been yours all alongside.
  337. Change his/her toothpaste with Repair-O-Dent.
  338. In the event you dwell on the primary flooring, refuse to make use of the door. Climb out and in via the window. Declare physician’s orders.
  339. Cover below a pile of soiled garments within the closet. Twitch quite a bit and mutter, “They can not suck my mind if they can not discover me!”
  340. Scratch your head quite a bit. Fake to eat the lice you discover. Provide one to your roommate.
  341. Do not bathe for 3 weeks. Complain typically in regards to the stench. Demand that your roommate do his/her laundry.
  342. Discuss your roommate to the little man who lives in your pocket.
  343. Groom your self like a cat.
  344. Construct a fort out of beer cans. Refuse to return out till you might be granted viewers with Zontar, Excessive Lord of Saria 3.
  345. Manage a black mass. Inform your roommate that the sacrifice backed out on the final minute and if s/he would volunteer.
  346. Say every little thing in Pig Latin.
  347. Save your whole nail clippings. Make sculptures out of them.
  348. Discuss with your self within the royal third particular person.
  349. Funnel Pepsi.
  350. Spend your whole cash on Alvin and the Chipmunks information. Play them continually. Say that it is an task to your “Well-liked Music within the Youth Subculture” class.
  351. Save the wrappers to every little thing that you just eat. Accumulate them in a ball and retailer it in your roommate’s mattress.
  352. Paint a mural depicting Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in your roommate’s mattress. Hand it in to your artwork instructor for a grade.
  353. Refuse to clean your underwear. Say that you’re making an attempt to show LaMarck’s idea of spontaneous technology.
  354. Develop ESP. Reply your whole roommate’s questions earlier than s/he asks them.
  355. Make your mattress 15 occasions a day. Sleep on the ground.
  356. Save your used tissues. Have snowball fights.
  357. Put on sun shades at night time. Stumble upon issues typically. Swear loudly.
  358. Throw out your mattress. Transfer in along with your roommate.
  359. Put on your whole garments backwards.
  360. Purchase a snake. Give it free reign of the room.
  361. Identify your books. Name them like canine when it is time to examine.
  362. Reduce the faces out of all of your photos.
  363. Cling your whole posters up backwards.
  364. Choose up the telephone each two minutes. Then slam it down and say, “Rattling, missed them once more!” Proceed for 2 weeks.
  365. Dance across the room with underwear in your head whereas listening to outdated Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass information. In case your roommate questions you, throw a pair on his/her head and TANGO!!!
  366. Put on khakis and driving boots across the room. Goosestep typically.
  367. Steal your whole roommate’s pens. Make a tower out of them. Chunk him/her if s/he tries to get them again.
  368. Develop A number of Character Dysfunction. Use your different selves to behave out Shakespearean tragedies.
  369. Open the window. After half-hour, complain in regards to the chilly and open it wider.
  370. Two phrases: Nudist colony.
  371. Take heed to Morrisey. Be pleased earlier than, throughout, and after you pay attention.
  372. Tattoo your roommate’s title in your butt. Insist that s/he do the identical for you.
  373. Get a loft. Sleep hanging the other way up from it like a bat.
  374. Play Dungeons and Dragons quite a bit. (Lots implies that it is best to personal a sword, and at a while in the course of the 12 months it is best to gown up as your character.)
  375. Put on Underoos.
  376. Carve a big phallus. Pray to it each day.
  377. Stroll round with a sizzling canine protruding of your fly. Act prefer it is not there.
  378. Put a chamber pot in your closet. Fill it with lemon-lime Gatorade. Fake to make use of it. Drink from it and supply your roommate a cup.
  379. Make your finger discuss to you. Write backwards on the partitions.
  380. Consistently ask your roommate, “Do you are feeling fortunate?” whereas fingering a bulge below your jacket.

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