How Do You Know You are Canadian?

Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.10. You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group.11. You get excited

1. You are not offended by the time period “HOMO MILK”.

2. . You perceive the phrase “May you cross me a napkin, I simply dropped my poutine, on the chesterfield.”

3. You eat chocolate bars, not sweet bars.

4. You drink Pop, not Soda.

5. You already know {that a} Mickey and 24’s imply, “get together on the camp, eh!!!”

6. You do not care in regards to the fuss with Cuba. It is an affordable place to go in your holidays, with good cigars .

7. You already know {that a} pike is a kind of fish, not a part of a freeway.

8. You drive on a freeway, not a freeway.

9. You’ve Canadian Tire cash in your kitchen drawers.

10. You already know that Casey and Finnegan weren’t a part of a Celtic musical

11. You get excited every time an American tv present mentions Canada.

12. You brag to Individuals that; Shania Twain, Jim Carrey, Celine Dion & Mike Myers are Canadians. … additionally , Alex Trebec, David Foley, Matthew Perry and many others.and many others.

13. You already know that the C.E.O. of American Airways is a Canadian!

14. You already know what a toque is.

15. You design your Halloween costume to suit over a snowsuit.

16. You already know that the final letter of the English alphabet is all the time pronounced “Zed”.

17. Your native newspaper covers the nationwide information on 2 pages, however requires 6 pages for hockey.

18. You already know that the 4 seasons imply: virtually winter, winter, nonetheless Winter, and street work.

19. You already know that when it is 25 levels exterior, it is a heat day.

20. You perceive the Labatt Blue commercials.

21. You understand how to pronounce and spell “Saskatchewan”.

22. You perk up if you hear the theme tune from ‘Hockey Night time in Canada’.

23. You’re in grade 12, not the twelfth grade.

24. “Eh?” is an important a part of your vocabulary, and is extra well mannered
than, “Huh?”

25. You truly perceive these jokes, and ahead them to your entire Canadian mates! Then you definately ship them to your American mates simply to confuse them!

Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers.10. You know that Casey and Finnegan were not part of a Celtic musical group.11. You get excited

This can be a checklist of certain indicators that you simply’re in Canada


  • All the pieces is measured in metric. (No, the temperature does not drop fifty levels if you cross the border, and the velocity restrict would not double.)
  • Milk is available in plastic baggage in addition to in cartons and jugs.
  • There’s hockey gear in all places. A man can get onto a bus sporting goalie pads, a helmet — all the pieces however the skates — and no one offers him a re-examination.
  • Eating places serve vinegar with French fries.
  • There are $1 and $2 cash. The paper currency is in numerous colours, and it is fairly.
  • The Trans-Canada Freeway — Canada’s analogue to the US Interstates — is 2 lanes vast for many of its size. (There are nice large enormous vast highways across the main cities. The 401 north of Toronto is sixteen lanes vast in locations.)
  • There may be nonetheless the occasional musical selection present on community TV, and such a present that was on till just lately was hosted by a really, very giant girl (Rita McNeil).
  • The CBC’s night information anchor is bald and would not put on a toupee.
  • When new cash are launched to exchange paper foreign money, individuals truly use the cash.
  • Contests run by anybody aside from the federal government have “skill-testing questions” that winners should reply appropriately earlier than they will declare a prize. These are normally math issues, and are administered to get across the regulation that solely the federal government can administer lotteries.
  • A lot of individuals run round in clothes from Roots.
  • The next gasoline stations are round (and do not exist within the US):
    • Esso (as an alternative of Exxon — a customer suggests “Esso” comes from the “S” and the “O” of Normal Oil)
    • Petro Canada
    • Irving (solely in jap Canada, and a customer advises me that there is now a minimum of one in Maine)
    • Canadian Tire
    • Husky
    • Mohawk (primarily in western Canada)
  • These are the largest shops:
    • The Bay (the Hudson’s Bay Firm, the oldest firm in North America and presumably the world — it was included on Might 2, 1670)
    • Eaton’s (Toronto, Montréal, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver are among the many cities which have giant malls referred to as the Eaton Centre (Centre Eaton in French)). Eaton’s has been having monetary troubles for a number of years now, and eventually closed a lot of its shops and offered the remaining to Sears Canada.
    • Zellers — owned by the Bay, Zellers is just like KMart (which just lately pulled out of Canada) or Goal (which is not in Canada in any respect).
  • These are the massive banks:
    • TD Canada belief
    • Financial institution of Montreal
    • Royal Financial institution
    • The Financial institution of Nova Scotia
    • Canadian Imperial Financial institution of Commerce (CIBC)
    • The Nationwide Financial institution of Canada
    • The HongKong Financial institution of Canada

    These banks are nationwide and have branches everywhere in the nation. One certain signal you are in Canada: the federal authorities has blocked two large financial institution mergers (the TD needed to merge with CIBC, and BMo needed to merge with the Royal), ostensibly as a result of decreased competitors is unhealthy for Canadians. Wow.Credit score unions are additionally well-liked in Canada, particularly in Quebec, the place they’re referred to as caisses populaires.

  • These are essentially the most well-known Canadian restaurant chains:
    • Harvey’s — fast food burger joint
    • Mr. Sub — just like Subway
    • The Keg (Le Keg en français) — an enormous, high-end but nonetheless generic steakhouse
    • Pizza Pizza — just like Domino’s
    • Tim Horton’s — do(ugh)nuts! See under.
    • Swiss Chalet — sit-down hen and ribs place
    • Robin’s — one other do(ugh)nut chain, well-liked in western Canada.
  • The massive mass-market beers are Molson and Labatt, and so they’re stronger than US beers. Molson Golden was just lately reintroduced to the Canadian market, however I hardly see anybody consuming it — I get the sensation Molson ships most of it to the States and tells the Individuals it is good.
  • The key cigarette labels are Participant’s, Craven A, DuMaurier, Matinee, and Export A. Canadian cigarettes are milder than American ones.
  • Mountain Dew has no caffeine.
  • Coke and Pepsi use actual sugar as an alternative of corn syrup.
  • As a substitute of seeing Barnes & Noble and Borders bookstores, you see Coles and SmithBooks and Chapters and Indigo.
  • There are heaps and plenty of do(ugh)nut retailers, particularly ones referred to as Tim Horton’s (named after the hockey participant who began the chain). (The variety of Tim Horton’s diminishes as you go additional west, however I am assured there are many them in Edmonton.)
  • Once you step on somebody’s foot, he apologizes. (This actually occurred.)
  • There are billboards promoting holidays in Cuba, and Cuban cigars are freely accessible.
  • No one worries about dropping a life’s financial savings or a house due to sickness.
  • In pharmacies, you should buy acetaminophen or ASA with codeine over-the-counter, however you possibly can’t purchase hydrocortisone ointments or lotions with out a prescription.
  • Once you go to the dentist to get a cavity stuffed (or worse), he or she places a needle in your mouth first to “freeze” it. (Asking for Novocaine (a model identify) instantly pegs you as an American.)
  • At county gala’s and the Canadian Nationwide Exhibition, crimson ribbons point out first place and blue ribbons point out second. (Canadians: it is the opposite method round within the States.)
  • Any dialog will inevitably embody a quick dialogue of the climate.
  • It is virtually unattainable to get a glass of iced tea in downtown Toronto. (This particular person should have been a Southerner — within the US South, “iced tea” is unsweetened, and “candy tea” has sugar. “Candy tea” is what you get if you ask for “iced tea” in Toronto.)
  • Youngsters can drink legally. The consuming age in Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta is eighteen; it is 19 in the remainder of the nation.
  • Potato chips are available flavo(u)rs akin to salt and vinegar, ketchup, and “all dressed” (a group of nearly all attainable seasonings — the one who prompt this one appreciated it to a “suicide slush” within the States).
  • There are “chip vans” (aka “chip vehicles” or “chip wagons”). These are just like the van pushed by the ice cream man, solely they promote French fries. They’re most ubiquitous on the roads to “cottage nation.” (A customer from British Columbia famous that “chip vehicles” do not promote French fries in BC; they drive on logging roads and carry wooden chips there.)
  • Each weekend throughout the summer time, southern Ontarians go in droves from Toronto and its environs to their second properties (starting from campers to nice large homes with all of the facilities) in cottage nation (normally Muskoka — I am instructed that calling it “the Muskokas” marks you as an outsider).
  • Each weekend throughout the summer time, southern Quebecers go in droves from Montréal and its environs to their cottage nation (normally the Laurentians; the Japanese Townships; Burlington, Vermont; Lake Champlain, New York; or Plattsburgh, New York).
  • Each weekend throughout the winter, the cottage nation individuals return to cottage nation to go snowmobiling. Fuel stations are simply as more likely to be filling snowmobiles as automobiles or vehicles.
  • Automobiles (particularly on the Prairies) have electrical plugs protruding from beneath the hoods. These are for block heaters, to stop engines from freezing when it is -40.
  • Folks give distances in instances, not miles.
  • Folks ask whether or not you want “a espresso” slightly than “some espresso.”
  • Canadians have a tendency to make use of British spelling. They write about “color,” “cheques,” “theatres,” and so forth. Most use the American “-ize” slightly than the British “-ise” verb ending, nonetheless.
  • Folks drive with their headlights on throughout the day. Since 1989, all new automobiles have needed to be fitted with daytime operating lights.
  • In Ontario, you can buy beer solely on the Beer Retailer (previously generally known as “Brewers’ Retail”). The expertise of going right into a beer retailer is documented properly within the 1983 movie Unusual Brew.
  • Film theatres have one evening per week, normally Monday or Tuesday, the place they cost matinee costs.
  • There isn’t a mail delivered on Saturdays.
  • “Lieutenant” is pronounced “leftenant.”
  • Mortgage curiosity just isn’t tax-deductible. The rate of interest on most mortgages just isn’t mounted, however slightly, is renewed on the finish of a time period which may be as quick as six months or so long as seven years.
  • Most Canadians will let you know that the final letter of the alphabet is pronounced “zed.” Sharon, Lois, and Bram, well-liked youngsters’s entertainers, make it a degree of their performances of “The Alphabet Track” to say “zed” as an alternative of “zee.”
  • Folks finish sentences with “eh,” eh?


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