How could “rapper” 6ix9ine be able to hide in witness protection


Ultimately the protection of witnesses is a voluntary program and Tekashi must decide whether to go this route. Remember it has a daughter and a mother and siblings who probably still live in Brooklyn, to be covered by Nine Trey and any other number of unsavory individuals.

At the end of the day when he will be targeted by a number of gangs across the United States, and will be constantly followed by TMZ and other media do not care if they give away its location, my best bet is -it just moves to a beautiful city in New Jersey near New York and lives in a building with a doorman, and did his best to protect his family.

Ultimately these gangs are not the Cosa Nostra, and their scope and resources are quite limited. We live in a fast food culture medium and there are strangely much of his fan base that does not care about his snitching, and I just want him to go back to trolling and generally making Instagram entertaining as was when he was out. Remember that it is mostly white children time in the suburbs anyway going to his concerts and consumption of content.

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  • The majority of people will testify against will still be in jail when he comes out – This means that people with the most to gain will be in the worst position to hurt him.
  • It will take some of the tattoos removed or altered – Everyone is looking to follow in his tattoos will be disappointed because they different or missing.
  • While in prison, he would be encouraged to take courses and learn not to be a gangster – If you change who you are, you can become almost invisible to people looking for who you were.
  • The program relocate him in an area of ​​the country that has enough Latinos where it will not stand out, but not so much where it will be instantly recognized – So Los Angeles New York and Houston are out. A dozen small towns, especially where it has never been before.