Hollywood always presents fiction when it comes to fire sprinklers

fire hazard
paulbr75 / Pixabay

They always represent all the sprinklers that are shot throughout the building. This is simply not the case. First, you would need an Olympic-sized pool to feed all the sprinklers, and most buildings don’t have one of those. Secondly, sprinklers are equipped with a waxy material that melts at a specific temperature: in this way, a source of strong heat (e.g., a fire) more or less directly under a sprinkler will melt that stopper. wax and, therefore, will open the flow of water through the sprinkler. Unless the fire is also very close to another sprayer, it will NOT melt the waxy plug.


This is not simply annoying, but Hollywood is causing the loss of life. Due to the widespread practice of how sprinklers are represented in films, people will tend to get discouraged when installing sprinkler systems in homes and office buildings. I know, because I hesitated when I faced that question. My misunderstanding was based on what happens in the movies. He did not want the entire house destroyed. The fire officer corrected me and explained the insidious effect of Hollywood on people’s understanding of these systems. You almost never see a movie that shows sprinkler systems that work the way they really work. And that is a shame.

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