Hitler – The richest man in the Reich – “Rich in Reich”

hitler personal fortune

Hitler, though morally bankrupt, put the “rich” in “Reich”, amassing a personal fortune through a variety of means. The New York Times quotes a documentary called The money Hitler focused on sources often overshadowed his wealth. Although now banned, the autobiography of Hitler, Mein Kampf, was a bestseller, earning him a rough estimate of $ 50 million book sales. Hitler made it mandatory newly married couples receive a copy of the book from their local community, who were forced to buy from the publisher. So not everyone who copped Kampf really wanted.


The power of Hitler, it is easy to pad his pockets with tax evasion rumored and business deals, even with companies such as Ford, whose German subsidiary gifted him 35,000 Reichsmarks for his 50th birthday, according to the Washington Post.

It is also said Hitler made little distinction between money and Germany. International Business Times, quoting an estimate documentary value of Hitler at about $ 5 billion, but because of the blurred line between Hitler and the state, it is virtually impossible to know exactly how much it was worth. Hitler and the Nazi party are estimated to have received “more than $ 3 billion,” in company payments, and he saw them almost as his own expense account. So while there is no official number on the wealth of Hitler, it may as well have been that Germany was an overall value.

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