Here are the golden rules to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

#1 Never trust anyone.

When the world goes to shit, you can trust everyone to be working for their own goals. In case you didn’t die in the first week of the apocalypse, you can be sure that you have a higher chance of dying by a human being than a zombie. Everyone will be working for their own needs. The person next to you could be working on his greed, his insanity or anything. So, don’t think that if someone is bitten, they will show themselves. Always understand what drives the person next to you, Is he/she more concerned towards their loved ones? Or is he someone who only cares about his survival? Or does he have an ego despite all this? Or does he hate this group? These are questions you should keep on asking.

#2 Maintain a fit livelihood.

Never give up on exercising. You will need it more than ever. Fact is, if there is anyone in your group who doesn’t exercise, he is a liability towards the group. When it comes to running away from zombies, you cannot risk going back to save someone. Try to time yourself again and again and try to best your stamina, your strength again and again.

Try to know how to swim for more than 800 m, run at top speed for 300 m, jump over obstacles higher than waist height, pull your body up to the chin by arms 15–20 times, dip between 2 chairs 30 times. These will help build your endurance. In addition, try to run a marathon every now and then, starting from 2 km to 20 km.


If you watched Zombie land you know what I mean. Shoot the zombie in the head. Never stay in the same spot after attacking a zombie.

#4 Always keep a Plan B, for EVERYTHING.

Whether it be supplies, escape plans, survival scenarios with other people, be prepared. For food, keep 3 weeks worth of food supplies, for water, 1 week worth of supplies. Keep a balanced diet at your disposal, and ensure that you keep your supply in a guarded place. When you want to escape, keep 2 days worth of food in the trunk.

Know that cars and bikes will not work after a year or so, even with the gas. So try to scout out possible places for better survival, like somewhere where you have a years worth of supplies within 2 kilometers of radius and good roads for moving from one place to another.

An ideal location to survive would be near a river, because you have plenty of water and food sources. The con is that you are more vulnerable to a zombie attack from there.

Always keep medical supplies. You never know when you may need one. It will help in creating a network.

#5 Keep a network of people.

If you want to truly survive, you need to form a group and become a leader. Not a ruler, but as a leader, like a beacon of inspiration. Don’t try to become a de facto dictator, because you will be overthrown by someone better than you. However prove to the group that you are truly invaluable. Always inspire others and keep their spirits up. Because united we are strong.

Create an empire of people who will try to reclaim the world. You have to conquer a neighborhood, then a locale, then a town and hopefully, by the time you are done, maybe you can create an entire city to safely live in.

Use the people to scout the borders of your empire. Try to stop the zombies in your city and create safeguards so that you can prevent them from entering in the first place. Most importantly,don’t create weak spots. Always keep redundancies in check. You will never know when one guard slips up and allows zombies to enter, destroying the entire city.

Extra rules to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

  • Learn how to survive like Bear Grylls.
  • Always keep something as a reminder of the former world to motivate you.
  • Never hide inside a building, unless you know it is totally safe. They are easy places for a zombie to drive you into a corner.
  • Have more than one weapon. I recommend practicing to defend against zombies using a long stick alone, under supervision of course. Also, try to use knives or guns, if any.
  • Try to befriend your enemies. They will definitely be more motivated to work with you.
  • Know how to manage for food. Always keep tabs on them and see when they will be empty and restock as and when necessary. Also, plan out days when you will go and restock the food.

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