He-Skirt – The Miniskirt for Men

He-Skirt, the Miniskirt for Men! Made all the better with the wrestling shoes, to be sure. In a company memorandum while working to bring these to market, the marketing team was told to “hire only men with large, hairy, developed legs, because in all probability they will be frequently chased by men wielding bats and clubs; models must be able to outrun their critics.”

he skirt

This was a brief fashion in the mid ’60s

he skirt fashion

He-Skirt: ’60s Mini-Skirts for Men

The jingle for the campaign:

She Skirt – He-Skirt – They-Skirt – We-Skirt!
Wear a lotta Dorcus and the gang’ll all say Gee Skirt!
Men, you gotta bare it for a solid Dorcus Whee Spurt!
He-Skirt! He-Skirt! He-Skirt! He-Skirt!

And Dorcus was in fact the company name.