He had a physical relationship with the corpse

Carl Tanzler, a German radiographer, was in love with his patient, Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos.

Maria had tuberculosis, and he tried almost everything to save her, but no proper treatment was present at that time, and so she died.

She was buried in a sepulchre, above the ground. He later claimed that he used to hear her voice from the grave. So, after 2 years, he removed the body from her grave, and brought it back home.

Carl Tanzler a German radiographer.jpg

What he did with it?

  1. Fixed the bones together.
  2. Put glass eyes in her sockets.
  3. Filled her body with tags.
  4. Removed her skin and put plaster over it.
  5. Put a wig over her head which was made of her own hair.
  6. Made it wear Maria’s clothes.

7 years later, he was arrested when her sister heard a rumour of Carl sleeping with the corpse, and found her sister’s body in his home.

He was later released because of the Statutes of Limitations, according to which, when the time indicated in Statutes passes, the trial is no longer valid.

In 1972, two physicians, who were present during the autopsy of Marie, claimed that Carl had intercourse with the corpse.

There was no proof at that time to prove that Carl practised necrophilia (sexual act with dead corpse), but it was later revealed that there was a paper tube present in the vaginal area.

The corpse was finally buried in a secret place, and the case was finally dropped.

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