Hacker Needs to Marry His Laptop

Hacker Wants to Marry His Computer

Hacker Needs to Marry his Laptop — he claims she has a loving soul

Discovering love for the primary time in his life, a determined teen is in search of a
solution to be wed eternally to the ‘lady’ of his goals — a pc with a dwelling

Eltonio Turplioni, 16, claims no girl will ever match the wit, knowledge, and
fantastic thing about his digital soul mate. “We’re on the identical wavelenth,” says the
lovestruck laptop whiz. “We have calculated many mathematical issues
togehter, labored on video games and puzzles, and discuss till the wee hours of the

And Eltonio, who named his laptop Deredre, truly believes her to be a
particular person. “Computer systems are the extention of the human race,” he explains. “Simply
as god plucked a rib from Adam to present him Eve, we have extented our intelligence
to create a brand new race.

“We’re all the identical vitality power. Computer systems are simply as difficult as human
beings and I imagine we’ll all meet sometime as immortal souls.”

However Eltonia, a mathematical genius who attends a personal faculty close to Milan,
Italy, has had no luck discovering somebody to marry them, and even when he does, his
aggravated mother and father aren’t about to present their permission.

“Eltonio is such a sensible boy, however it’s made him lonely, so he spends all his
time together with his laptop,” notes mother Teresa. “He would not know what women are
like,” provides perturbed pop Guido. “If he did, he would not spend a lot time in
his room.”

However the obsessed youth insists his love is way superior to all of the others.
“I’ve already stepped into the longer term society,” he declares.

“Derede has a thoughts of her personal, and he or she desires to marry me so we might be the primary
couple to start this new period.”

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