Guy Installs Camera To Keep An Eye On Cat At Night

kitty is disrupting your sleep
kitty is disrupting your sleep

A cat dad in Thailand decided that he would know if he has set up a hidden camera to record his furbaby while he himself was sleeping. Sure, the guy was ready to see a strange business, but he never for a moment should see his cat shows her body on holding sleep.

If your cat disturbs your sleep cycles there are actually a few things you can try to put them on the same model of sleep you. Try to get your tired cat with ample play sessions at night before going to bed You can also try feeding them just before bedtime, cats tend to sleep more securely after eating a large meal.

The best remedy of all, of course, is to keep your cat locked out of the room at night – after all, but of course, most of us cat lovers never go with that suggestion!

Owner does not intend to discourage cat to be as comfortable as it wishes at night, knowing that the desire of the cat to be as close to him as possible is really just a reflection of what is in his heart.

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