Gummy bears more dangerous than wild bears

● There is a boy named tj. He was a normal 14 old kid. Every day he used to come back from school and see his father getting wasted because of alcohol consumption .

●One day his father went to buy some groceries and Tj never got to see him again

●The mother and son (Tj) moved to America thinking it would be the best for them.

●Tj always liked gummy candies since his childhood and wanted to know how they tasted here in America . So his mom bought many bottles of candy vitamin (gummy bears) for him.

●He tasted them and really liked them. So he started taking 40 to 60 of them every day for his breakfast. After some days his belly got swollen and his mom remembered Americans saying that American food makes one fatty.

● So she thought eating a little less was all that the boy needed.

● One day, while Tj was watching some video ate a whole bottle of more than 120 vit gummy bears.

●After a few minutes he complained of stomach pain and told his mother that he was feeling as if his stomach was being tightened by a giant rubber band. He started urinating and urinated a lot for hours.

●He became dehydrated and his mother took him inside to lie on the bed and take rest. Then he tripped and broke his hand.

● He was rushed to emergency room of a near by hospital by ambulance.
● Thinking of only a fracture, the nurse made him wait until he became unconscious and slipped into a coma.

●Now he was rushed in up on physichal examination, his stomach showed signs of severe ascites ( swelling of stomach due to damage of liver)

● They did some blood tests but his liver seemed to function normally. But his blood reports showed that he was suffering from hyper calcemia ( high concentration of calcium in blood )

●His mother informed the doctor about his vitcandy consumption but doctor did not find any vitamins in blood. Then we may assume that they went out through urine especially the vitamin B and vitamin C as they are water soluble but what happened to vitamin A and D which are fat soluble and can’t be excreted out?

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●But candies did not consist of any calcium. Then where did the calcium came from? After a trans jugular liver biopsy ( a medical diagnostic process where a tube is sent through jugular vein through heart into the liver to get a biopsy). It was clear that Tj’s liver is damaged and vit A storage was the reason for it. Tj was suffering from vit A induced hepato toxicity.

●Tj took more than 120 gummy vitamins which consist of almost 185000 units of vitamin A. One would have to eat more than 720 eggs in a single sitting to get that much vitamin A.

●Vitamin A has antagonist action against vitamin D and it also induces the action of osteoclast cells the bone breaking cells thus the excess calcium found in his blood came from bones due to excess vitamin a in his diet . thus he was suffering from hyper vitaminosis

●For a 14 year old a small slip won’t make a fracture in his bone but due to decreased density of his bone due to osteo flats action he broke his bone .

●He was given diuretics for ascitis and diet and lifestyle changes to recover but there was no medicine to clear his liver from vitamin A toxicity liver has to detoxify on its own.

  Some of the scariest facts to give you goosebumps are

●The boy experienced a living nightmare because of excess consumption of gummy bears.