Grigori Rasputin – Drowning after being poisoned, shot, stabbed, and bludgeoned

Mad Monk, Grigori Rasputin, is a physician and mystical healer who likes the Russian Royal Palace by providing assistance to Crown Prince Aleksey, a hemophilia sufferer and heir to the throne.

Holding a lot of influence on the royal palace, the unkempt, vulgar, and extraordinarily unkempt Rasputin made many political enemies. He must go; much easier said than done. The conspirators first tried poison, enough poison to kill a man three times his size, but he did not seem to be affected. Next they slipped behind him and shot him in the head. This should be done, but not; while one of the assassins checks his pulse, the mystic reaches for the conspirator’s neck and continues to strangle him. Run, prospective killers take chase, shoot him 3 times in the process. The shot slowed enough to allow the pursuer to catch up. They then proceeded to hit him before throwing him into an ice-cold river (Russian winter). When his body recovered, an autopsy showed that the cause of death was drowning.