Greatest one-liners that assist atheism

dr house religius people

dr house religius people

  • God says everybody has to worship him for all eternity. What sort of self-centered egomaniac calls for that?
  • What did Satan do? He stood up for himself. He mentioned he wasn’t going to present in to God’s demand to be worshiped. How is {that a} crime?
  • What occurred to the three day previous infants when the flood of Noah got here? Don’t envision a worldwide flood—maintain in your thoughts the picture of a single crib with a single child, slowly drowned by the chilly, darkish waters. What might that little one have presumably achieved?
  • Authentic sin? You imply holding folks responsible for issues over which they haven’t any management. How is that remotely simply?
  • God made us in his picture? What’s extra doubtless: that, or that we made him in our picture? The god of the Bible is self-admittedly petty, jealous, and vengeful—identical to we’re. Is it no more possible that we made him in our picture?
  • Do you assume slavery is okay? The bible helps it. It says you may have slaves so long as you don’t gouge out their eyes or break their tooth. Yeah, that makes it ethical.
  • The bible says that you’re to kill those that try to steer you away from God. I admit that proper now, I’m attempting to undermine your religion and switch you into an atheist. Kill me. Do it. I gained’t even defend myself. Why aren’t you?
  • Moses tells his troopers to rape the virgin daughters of their enemy. Do you assist this?
  • Jesus mentioned “let he who’s with out sin forged the primary stone”. Why are so many Christian so rattling judgmental then?
  • Muslims imagine theirs is the one true god too. And that they’ll go to heaven. And that anybody of one other faith will go to hell. These are all stuff you imagine too. How are you any totally different from them?
  • Which is extra doubtless, that Mary conceived as a virgin, or that Joseph knocked her up. Billions of individuals have gotten pregnant the previous vogue method—which is extra doubtless right here?
  • What occurs to the billions of people that by no means even hear of your path to salvation? How is sending them to hell for all eternity merciful or simply once they haven’t any alternative within the matter?
  • You maintain roughly the identical spiritual beliefs as your mother and father and your nation. So does 99% of everybody else in each different faith. What’s extra doubtless, that yours is the one true faith, or that all of us simply get brainwashed into our mother and father perception system?
  • How are you aware the bible is true? Title one factor that it says that might not have been written by uneducated desert tribesmen 2,000 years in the past. The cures for polio and small pox, for instance, might be written in only a few pages. Why doesn’t the bible comprise something like that?
  • Some Christians argue that the New Testomony made the Previous Testomony out of date. Does this imply you’re prepared to desert the entire creationism farce and acknowledge that evolution is truth?
  • Why do believers not regrow limbs? Absolutely a few of our heroes coming dwelling from struggle with lacking physique components are true believes, from believing households, from pious communities. Why cannot a single amputee with such a robust perception regrow a limb, or have another miracle that might under no circumstances be explainable by science?
  • What would it not take to persuade you to grow to be a Hindu? A Muslim? A Jew? A Sikh? These religions are totally unconvincing, aren’t they? I merely really feel the identical about your faith. How are your speaking snake, pregnant virgin, blood sacrifice ritual (communion), or zombie claims (Jesus’ resurrection) any totally different?
  • Why do communities, states, and nations with larger charges of spiritual perception even have worse indicators of high quality of life and societal good. For instance, the Deep South of the US is thought to be very spiritual. Why does it have larger charges of crime, home violence, toddler mortality, and different such social indicators? Similar for, say, pious Central America versus Western Europe.
  • Why do I must imagine in god with a purpose to be amazed on the surprise of nature? Can’t I simply imagine it’s lovely with out having to imagine there’s some sky daddy on the backside of all of it.
  • If faith is critical for morality, then why do organizations just like the Nationwide Academy of Sciences, whose members are over 95% atheist, have so few members committing crimes?
  • Why aren’t Christian funerals massive events? When you actually imagine you’re all going to heaven after you die, why is it not an enormous celebration? Why are Christians not all taking on base leaping and volunteer fireplace preventing?
  • The bible says that it’s an abomination for a person to lie with one other man. The very subsequent verse says that the penalty for doing so is loss of life. Do you advocate the loss of life penalty for homosexuality?
  • No, rattling it, Hitler was a Catholic, not an atheist. Please do your analysis earlier than utilizing that one once more. However I don’t blame Catholicism for what Hitler did, any greater than I blame atheism for what Stalin and Mao did. Mad males might be mad for causes far past faith.
  • As an atheist, I’m identical to you—I’m form to others, I really like my household, I frequently attempt to be a greater particular person. I simply don’t want the specter of hell or promise of heaven to do it.
  • As an atheist, I too attempt to dwell by the Golden Rule, however I don’t want a god or an historic textual content to see the knowledge of the rule. I do unto others as I’d have achieved to me as a result of I do know that is the precise factor to do, and it makes me joyful once I do.
  • As an atheist, I agree that it isn’t sufficient to only say what you’re towards. That’s why I’m additionally a Secular Humanist. Different atheists could maintain totally different optimistic views, however we’re extra than simply anti-religious.
  • As an atheist, I take pleasure in intercourse to its fullest. Notably in my single years! So long as everybody consents (together with my partner as soon as married, if polyamory occurs to be our factor), then I don’t have to fret in regards to the opinion of a god or his threats to my everlasting disposition.
  • As an atheist, I don’t surrender 10% of my earnings 12 months over 12 months, that means I can retire 5 years earlier.
  • As an atheist, I cope with loss of life by telling the folks I really like that I really like them each likelihood I get. That method once they or I am going, the one who survives can have the peace of understanding that we beloved one another to the fullest.


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