Great Movies That Can Be Watched Backwards

If a movies where the scenes aren’t presented in chronological order. Some people mistakenly believe that the movies are just played in reverse chronological order, so watching it backwards would make everything clearer.

  • If you watch the Social Network backwards, it’s about a man gaining more friends and a girlfriend as he spends less time on Facebook.
  • Mean Girls in reverse: a girl who once won Spring Fling Queen eventually becomes so unpopular that she has to move to Africa.
  • Batman Begins It’s a story about how a nutjob who dresses like a bat regains his sanity in the Himalayas.
  • Fight Club It is about a man’s transformation from a crazy street person in a gang to a productive member of the society.
  • The Lord of the Rings A mentally challenged Hobbit who overcomes his disability by retrieving his finger and a golden ring from the depths of a sinister volcano. As an act of gratitude, he travels the known lands in order to save peoples lives by pulling swords out of their bodies. The hobbits then spend the rest of their days in the peaceful idylls of the countryside.
  • If you watch Pulp Fiction backwards, it’s about the same.
  • If you watch Jaws backwards, it’s about a shark that throws up so many people that they had to open up a beach.
  • Indiana Jones a noble-thief archaelogist breaks into government institutions to return ancient artifacts to their rightful owners.
  • The Shawshank Redemption Andy and Red are two good friends having a peaceful life at Mexico. Andy gets crazy and decides to leave the place. He asks Red to join him in his adventure to Shawshank state prison and have a prisoner’s life for 2 decades. Red abandons Andy and visits Buxton. There he finds a cache containing money and a letter from Andy asking him to come to Shawshank state prison. Red finds it very difficult to live without Andy and so he travels to Shawshank State prison and becomes a prisoner. Andy who left Mexico, comes to Shawshank prison where he enters the prison by a sewage tunnel which connects to a cell having a hole. Andy gets into the cell through the hole and meets Red. Then Andy spends 2 decades to patch the hole using a Rock hammer. After the hole is fully patched up, Andy gets released from the prison while Red spends 2 more decades in prison after Andy leaves.
  • The Matrix – A delusional hacker is convinced that the world he lives in is computer generated and in fact the actual world is a corpse of an earth. This causes him to believe that he and only he can break the very rules of nature in the imaginary world. One day, an African American therapist enters his mind. The brain reacts like any body part reacts to a foreign agent. It creates antigen clothed in a suit and goggles, which weakens the man and tries to destroy the therapist’s consciousness in the man’s brain. However the therapist resists and helps the delusional man escape his crazy world by making him vomit out a red pill. The man is cured from his insanity and returns to being a successful computer programmer. Meanwhile he has no memory of the therapist except that he was a voice on the telephone. And his girlfriend is reduced to fantasies of her jumping buildings in tight clothes.
  • 127 Hours: A lovely film about an amputee man who finds an arm in the desert.
  • Casablanca:  A romantic adventure lover suddenly gets tired of chasing Nazis , dumps his long time girlfriend and opens a seedy café in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Gravity – A woman walks backwards into a lake to swim. Under the lake, she finds a broken capsule. She somehow launches it up into the space without any fuel and by using anti-gravity (???). There she grabs a fire-extinguisher cylinder floating in space, uses it to go into a soyuz. Then, somehow manages to attach it to the broken ISS and reassemble the ISS using floating space debris. Next, she meets George Clooney space-walking and then both of them float around the space and when they are tired of it, they make Hubble from space debris and start chatting with NASA Space Center, Houston.
  • Twilight – Super bland girl breaks up with her vampire boyfriend when she realised he sparkles. He stalks her for a bit until she moves to live with her mother in Arizona. (Much better love story than Twilight!)
  • If you watch Dark Knight Rises backwards, it’s about a hero who comes out of hiding as his city faces a new threat. He engages in a fight, but the villain sends him to a prison in the middle of nowhere where he must regain his strength. He then returns to face the villain once more in a dramatic fight after which he retires from his heroic ways.
  • The Curious case of Benjamin Button backwards is about baby Brad Pitt rising from a grave, growing up in a messed up world where everyone grows younger, and ending up as a shrivelled old man and going into a woman’s womb.
  • Godzilla: A giant retarded lizard constructs buildings in downtown San Francisco and Moon walks into the ocean.

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