Good Information, Horror Followers: You Can Purchase A Scrap Of Pinhead’s Pores and skin


Right here at Cracked, we’re all the time looking out for thrilling items of film memorabilia going up on the market, like a rotting Ninja Turtle costume, or a creepy Munchkin scalp, or Ferris Bueller’s sweet Ferrari that was secretly total garbage. Properly, we simply seen one other attention-grabbing piece of Hollywood historical past that’s accessible to buy on-line: Pinhead skin.

Keep in mind Pinhead, the enduring cenobite from Hellraiser? Properly, for simply 350 bucks, you should buy a small flake of his pores and skin, presumably for horror followers who’ve already acquired Freddy Krueger’s toenail clippings and a clump of hair from Candyman’s bathe drain.


Suck it, sled from Citizen Kane.

Regardless of the hefty price ticket, this minuscule scrap of “prosthetic foam latex” isn’t from the primary Hellraiser film, and even the second or the third. It’s from the tenth goddamn film: 2018’s Hellraiser: Judgment. And Pinhead wasn’t even performed by unique actor Douglas Bradley as a result of, based on studies, the manufacturing recast the position after refusing to present into Bradley’s “demands” to … read the script. The price range of the straight-to-video movie was simply $350,000 — or in different phrases, solely a thousand instances the price of this tiny snippet of latex. 

The identical vendor can be providing up a piece of the queen’s nest from Aliensa little bit of fabric from Fox Mulder’s shirt, and a $1200 rock that was apparently seen within the film It. Fortunately it’s made out of some type of rubber and comes with a certificates of authenticity, assuage any fears that that is simply an odd rock from somebody’s entrance garden.


The best film rock not named Dwayne.

Different persons are promoting equally minute cinematic artifacts equivalent to “authentic” Chewbacca hair and drops of Quint’s blood from Jaws in case any cinephiles need to take a stab at cloning these ‘70s film icons.

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