Good Break Up Quotes That Work

I accidently kissed someone today, after 10 minutes I realized it wasn’t you, is it over between us now?

Dating and looking good is just too much work for one person, so I decided to go with “looking good”.

Choose between your mother and me! If it’s her, I don’t want to see you again. If it’s me… you’ll treat me like that one day, I don’t want to see you again.

I suffer from chronic claustrophobia: I can only stay in this relationship if you agree that I am free to date anyone my heart desire and obviously that means we will see a whole lot less of each other.

What goes POOF and it’s gone? You out of my life!

90% of the women in our family are psychopaths. I don’t want you to walk away, I think you should run while you’re still ok.

When I date someone for longer than a {week} then my dead great grandfather starts to haunt and injure that person. Be safe!

  The password to launch US nuclear missiles during Cold War era was:

Santa said he’s giving me the perfect boy friend for Christmas, I’m sorry it wasn’t you.

It’s time for spring break in our relationship. Catch you next winter Ok!

I have been reading my future, and unfortunately you weren’t in it!

Good Break Up Quotes

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