Girl Woke Up Sounding Chinese language – Overseas accent syndrome

Sarah Colwill suffers from Overseas Accent Syndrome. She goes to the hospital with a horrible headache. She comes out talking with a Chinese language accent. In response to BBC Information:

Migraine sufferer starts speaking with Chinese accent
Migraine sufferer begins talking with Chinese language accent

38-year-old Sarah Colwill from the United Kingdom, who suffered a serious migraine and wakened sounding like she was doing a horrible, racist Chinese language accent slightly over three years in the past. BBC One ran a particular on Colwill known as The Girl Who Woke Up Chinese language. Highlights of the TLC-worthy one-woman actuality present who says she looks like she’s caught within some kinda bizarre social experiment.

Colwill grew up within the English metropolis of Plymouth, and has by no means been to China. I’ll assume she hasn’t spent a whole lot of time with Chinese language non-native English audio system with an identical accent. However this apparently how she speaks now. Colwill has been identified with a uncommon speech obstacle known as Overseas Accent Syndrome.

Overseas accent syndrome is a uncommon medical situation wherein sufferers develop what seems to be a overseas accent. Overseas accent syndrome often outcomes from a stroke, however may also develop from head trauma, migraines or developmental issues. Its signs end result from distorted articulatory planning and coordination processes and though popular news articles generally try and determine the closest regional accent, audio system affected by overseas accent syndrome purchase neither a selected overseas accent nor any further fluency in a overseas language.

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