Germans Aren’t All That Efficient

There are several widespread stereotypes such as German efficiency. But like other chaotic countries, the German government can be filled with delays, useless bureaucracies, and confusing inefficiencies. Just ask good people in Hamburg, who have to wait almost a decade for the opera house – which comes to nearly a billion dollars over the budget. It’s easy to do when you mismanage funds so you end up spending 300 Euros per toilet brush.

The unfinished Brandenburg Airport in Berlin was supposed to open in 2012, but airline experts now think it will never open at all because it is made so bad that they are pretty sure it will explode on the spot. And if Germans lose very bad balls on vehicles and precision engineering operas, are there any stereotypes that apply?

So where do these stereotypes come from? Some historians think they can show it to a very specific event: the Franco-Prussian war. Before that, the German countries were no more than the equivalent of the hills in Central Europe, but when they suddenly organized and defeated the biggest military forces in Europe, the entire continent was so confused that they had to consider it because Germany was cruel. naturally efficient.

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Then, during World War, it was in the best interest of the Allies to continue to describe Germany as an evil robot without emotion, because it made them easier to shoot. Even after the war, people kept the stereotypes alive by ignoring billions of dollars in foreign aid and forgiveness of debt that West Germany received and pretending the country had risen again very quickly because “the Germans must know how to regulate it.”