Funniest You’re Fired Story

funniest youre fired story 14941
funniest youre fired story 14941

The CEO of the firm sent an email to everyone saying that they are taking some tough decisions and have decided to declare about 1,500 positions across the globe as redundant in the next 24 hours. Employees would be notified starting tomorrow from their Sydney office, the mail said.

One of their offices was prepared with cabs arranged to drop people home after giving them the news, ambulance for emergency, bags and boxes to help people take their stuff. People were getting anxious and restless.

One of the guys got a call on his desk and was asked to come to the meeting room. He was told that he has been declared redundant. He silently collects an empty box, a pen drive, a bag and a relieving letter which specified a payment of 6 months salary. He was expressionless.

He stepped out of the room, headed to a vacant corridor and punched in the air to rejoice!

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He was planning to put his papers the coming Monday informing about his plans to join for a Masters program in the U.S.