Funniest Proverbs – Words of Wisdom

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A small cottage wherein laughter lives is worth more than a castle full of tears.
Chinese Proverb

You will never be punished for making people die of laughter.
Chinese Proverb

Don’t slaughter more pigs than you can salt.
French Proverb

Many families are built on laughter.
Indian Proverb

The laughter of someone pining for his beloved is like that of someone who is always crying.
Indonesian Proverb

Life Advices and Words of Wisdoms

No one was ever by laughter.
Japanese Proverb

Where there is laughter happiness likes to be.
Japanese Proverb

Do not slaughter a calf before its mother’s eyes.
Kenyan Proverb

A poor joke must invent its own laughter.
Latin Proverb

All things are cause for either laughter or weeping.
Latin Proverb

The tears of an heir are laughter under a mask.
Latin Proverb

You can’t blame the axe for the noise made by the chicken you are about to slaughter.
Malagasy Proverb

Spiritual Quotatons by Desert Fathers

He who flatters with laughter wants to see you cry.
Moroccan Proverb

Get married and you will be happy for a week; slaughter a pig and you will be happy for a month; become a priest and you will be happy for the rest of your life.
Polish Proverb

A house without a dog, a cat, or a little child is a house without joy or laughter.
Scottish Proverb

Laughter is the best medicine.
Traditional Proverb

How lovely is the sun after rain, and how lovely is laughter after sorrow.
Tunisian Proverb

Bulls make money and bears make money, but hogs just get slaughtered.
American Proverb

An animal’s end is slaughter.
Yiddish Proverb

What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul.
Yiddish Proverb

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