Fun Animal Mating Facts for Y’all

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1. Female Kangaroos have 3 vaginas. (this reminds me of how the octopus has three hearts)

2. Nearly all bonobos are bisexual and 75% of the sex bonobos do is not for reproduction.

3. Cat Penises have spines or barbs made up of keratin to scrape out competing sperm.

4. Some mammals including dogs and cats have a bone in their penises. Well.. guess this is where the term “boner” comes from.

5. Elephant Shrews are the only animals apart from Primates and Bats that menstruate.

6. A mouse-like creature called the antechinus will have so much sex within a short period of time that the animal basically disintegrates.

7. Male Barnacles have the longest penis relative to their size, up to 8 times their body length.

8. Female lice of the genus Neotrogla can have sex up to 70 hours.

10. Female squid don’t have vaginas… then what do they have?

11. At the end of sex, male honeybees genitals explode.

12. Male snakes have two penises

13. Velvet worms have their genitals on their heads.

14. An erect Elephant penis can weigh as much as 30Kg which is equal to 66 lbs.

15.  Female dolphins have used their snouts as dildos on other females.

16. Female hyenas have something that looks like a really long penis but is in fact a clitoris.

17. Around a third of seahorse sexual intercourse is that of same sex.

18. Koalas have two penises

19. Sexually frustrated sea otters are known to kidnap and try to mate with seal pups… damn… they aren’t as cute as people make them out to be…

20. Before mating the male giraffe will drink the urine of the female to see if she is fertile.

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