Fraction by Kit Reed

“Enclave,” Kit Reed’s gripping satire about youngsters confined on a deserted tropical isle is sure to help draw comparisons to “The Lord of the Lures.” She explores typical themes of order as opposed to chaos, how the survival of the community depends on the morality of individuals and the relationships involving youngsters and adults.

Sarge Whitmore, an idealistic ex-Marine, renovates an old Benedictine monastery set on a sheer ledge on an isolated island. They turns it into a institution and recruits the children connected with mega-wealthy parents by using the risk of war. He claims Install Clothos will be a safe haven for your children. The rich together with famous see it as a way to eliminate their troubled and edgy offspring while Sarge ideas to create a perfect military world with these rejected kids as well as a staff of misfits – and make millions while doing it. the kids are cut off from everything in their former lives. Sarge shows them films of wars and disasters to make them think he’s protecting them from Armageddon. But disaster strikes in their impeneterable fortress. An ill stranger appears from nowhere, infection spreads and the only link to the outside world is broken.

This novel is part psychological thriller, part mystery and part dystopian science fiction. The carefully crafted plot, the use of internal dialogue and the multiple points of view to narrate engage the reader immediately. Reed portrays teenage angst perfectly. She gets inside her characters and their emotions ring true. Her characters may be flawed and immoral but they are fascinating, believable and heroic in their own way. It’s a brilliant thought provoking tale and highly recommended.

Publisher: Tor Books; 1 edition (February 3, 2009)

ISBN: 978:0-7653-2161-9

Hardcover: 368 Pages

Price: $29.95

Source by Gail Pruszkowski

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