Four season total landscaping sells merch now

Four season total landscaping
Four season total landscaping

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Four Seasons Total Landscaping director of Sales Sean Middleton received a call from the Trump campaign on November 7. They were looking for places along the I-95 corridor willing to host a press conference. The company agreed and moved some landscaping equipment around.

People thought the campaign made a mistake; after all, didn’t they mean the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadephia? Middleton said they never misled the campaign, and they knew they weren’t a hotel.

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After the press conference, calls started pouring into the company, though not many were inquiring about lawn maintenance. One of these calls was from Fiverr, Siravo said to Fox 29, and as the Super Bowl came and went, the landscaping company became even more well known.

Other than starring in a Super Bowl commercial and filming a documentary, Four Seasons also began selling merchandise. The company said the most famous people who’ve ordered merchandise include CNN anchor and native Philadelphian, Jake Tapper, Mike Myers, and Harry Potter actress Emma Watson.

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And now, their famous garage door has become a tourist attraction too. Siravo said the company had planned to buy a larger property because of its growth, but because of their office’s newfound fame, they’ve decided to stay.