Florida man selling Jesus Christ toenails on eBay

florida man selling jesus christ toenails on ebay
florida man selling jesus christ toenails on ebay

A seller in Key Largo, Florida recently put up the toenails of Jesus Christ for sale on eBay. The condition? Used.

Here’s what he had to say about his find:

While traveling through Europe I went to see a “sear” [sic] or as Americans like to call them “psychic”. I stayed in Germany for a couple of months then decided to travel. I found myself in a little border town in the Czech republic. This short little older women whom appeared to be about one hundred and fifty years old popped out of a door way and grabbed my hand. Scarred the bagebers out of me.Then she pulled me into this dilapidated door way and said she had a gift for me. As I held out my hand and looked into her gray eyes I noticed moles on the side of her face with hairs sticking out of them, to me this indicated she was very very old. Then she proceeded to tell me what they were. Well I figured they could not be real because it’s not like I could get a DNA test on them? Who would I ask “God”. Now I figured I would part with them or try to sell them on my own website. Maybe they could find a good home with a curator who believes this is true.

When Jesus was at the house of Simon the leper. a women did anoint his feet with expensive perfume. His apostles did protest, saying they could have given the money to the poor. The woman said of His toenails, “Jesus, do you ever cut these things ?”, and went to fetch the clippers. And the Lord said, “You shall always have the poor with you, but my toenail clippings will only be available for a short time, for a low price.

Selling Jesus Christ Toenails

Selling Jesus Christ Toenails

Jesus Christ stopped by the other day and clipped his nails in the bathroom. I found these on the floor when he was done. I know, I’ll grab a random American stranger and make him deal with it.

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Sorry, early holiday shoppers. Turns out, the listing is no longer available on eBay. Bidding got up to $5.04 before it disappeared, which totally sounds like a bargain for the toenail clippings of the Lord.

Photo via eBay

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