Florida Man Impersonating A Cop Tried To Pull Over A Real Cop

Man Impersonating A Cop
Man Impersonating A Cop

Another Florida Man incident. I think people from Florida are having too much sunlight.

Matthew Erris was arrested on charges he impersonated a public officer when he flipped on red and blue lights attached to his SUV in Plant City, Florida.

He was reportedly attempting to get through traffic and pass the car in front of him, which happened to be an unmarked police vehicle operated by an undercover detective.

Rather than pulling over, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s detective called dispatchers who then had deputies track down him. After unknowingly attempting to pull over the detective, he was booked at the Hillsborough County jail where he posted $2,000 bail.

In his car, the 26-year-old carried an airsoft gun in a holster. While the weapon was non-lethal, it was designed to look similar to a standard-issue firearm, and could be enough to threaten any unsuspecting citizens.

Erris admitted he installed the red and blue lights and used them to get through heavy traffic.

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This actually happens quite often, more than you’d think. People out there are constantly impersonating police, after all all it takes is a couple of flashing red and blue LEDs, that’s not hard, then getting a badge is difficult, but you could get a security badge and no one would check to see if it says “police”.

People constantly abuse their impersonation and use it all the time because no one really asks questions about a passing unmarked car with flashing LEDs, then they try their luck and try to pull over a real cop and get in trouble. If you ever feel like you might be getting pulled over by a police impersonator, pull into a parking lot, turn on your hazards and slowly cruise can call 911 to check, real police can tell you’re not running away if you’re slowly driving in circles with hazards on in a parking lot in circles

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