All these first world problems are so depressing

first world problems
  • After a hard day’s work in front of my laptop, I lie down on my bed and realize that the maid who made the bed before she left for the day kept the remote controls on the nightstand to the left of the bed, instead of the right side of the bed where I sleep. Which means that I’ll have to stretch all the way across the bed to get the remotes. Sometimes, she even puts them on the TV stand, which means I have to get out of bed to get the remote!
  • I have a meeting at 10:30am at a place 30 minutes away from my home (a.k.a. 5 miles), and the driver (chauffeur) comes at 10am, which means he will not have enough time to clean the car before we leave. I’ll have to go in a dirty car (overnight accumulation of dust)
  • My driver’s cellphone is the same model as my cellphone – oh the horror!
  • There’s a power cut and the fan makes a slight grunting/grating sound when it is running on the inverter backup (geeks, that’s because of the non-sinusoidal wave), which is very irritating, especially if it is going to keep making that noise all day.
  • Someone in the cook’s house died, so she’s taking the day off. Which means that I have to cook. Which means that the kids get to eat instant noodles again, which is very unhealthy.
  • The American economy is tanking, which means that the dollar is weak, and the resultant exchange rate fluctuation could result in 5% less money for me on the next payment from the US. But that’s not all bad, because outsourcing is also likely to increase.
  • The stupid revolution causing my Egypt vacation to be postponed indefinitely. (I guess this is a first world problem too.)
  • Talking of ruined vacations, I can no longer go to Goa for New Year’s because of all the Americans and Europeans landing up there and driving up the prices.
  • My doctor has raised his per visit consultation fee to $3. What does he think – I’m made of money?! The psychiatrist is even worse at $10. first world problems

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