first ever allergy attack

this just happened maybe about 6 or 7 hours ago and was very scary. the scariest part was that I have no idea how it happened! i’m not allergic to anything as far as I know. I just turned 21

So the past few days I been having hives. they haven’t been major. just about on my legs and arms. I took Benadryl every time and just went on with my life. This morning, I woke up at 2 in the morning feeling like my mouth just went through surgery and was all numbed up. This has never happened before and I was so confused. I was about to fall back asleep but a voice in my head told me to check on my mouth. i went to the mirror and found my lips swollen and red! I kinda panicked and went to wake my dad up. I told him that my mouth was numb and my lips were huge! I thought that was all, but i looked at my thighs and looked at my chest and they were covered in red hives all over! I was terrified that my throat was going to start to close up. My grandma insisted that they called an ambulance. Since I was breathing ok, my dad just drove me to the ER. Keep in mind that I never had any allergy’s before. not allergic to food, medication, anything…so I was super confused more than anything. They pumped me with Steroids and gave me my first ever epipen among other things. when they pumped everything into me, My chest felt like when a dentist cleans your teeth with mint tooth paste. It felt like how it feels like when I drink alcohol. My chest was so foggy and I just coughed a bunch. I felt my throat closing. This is why I don’t drink…

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luckily, it worked and now I gotta get an epipen from my pharmacy. I Still don’t even know what caused all this. Never in my life have i had any of this happen. I ate panda express, a peach green tea and a reeses cup, so maybe it had something to do with those? i don’t know. I’m just super tired and my lips sting

anyway bye!

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