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South Park Sayings South Park Quotes, South Park Quotations. Sayings and One-liners from widespread TV present.

And now Finest from South Park

Eric Cartman: Hippies. They’re all over the place. They wanna save the earth, however all they do is smoke pot and scent dangerous.

Stan: Dude, dolphins are clever and pleasant.
Cartman: Clever and pleasant on rye bread with some mayonnaise.

Chef: You understand what they are saying: You may’t educate a homosexual canine straight methods.

Stan: You understand, I feel that if mother and father would spend much less time worrying about what their kids watch on TV and extra time worrying about what is going on on of their youngsters’ lives, this world could be a a lot better place.

Kyle: I feel that folks solely get so offended by tv as a result of they depend on it as a babysitter and the only real educator of their youngsters.

The extent at which South Park takes it’s element is ridiculous , have a look at he viewers

south park demotivator

Devil: Without evil there could be no good, so it have to be good to be evil generally.

Benjamin Franklin: I imagine that if we’re to kind a brand new nation, we can’t be a rustic that seems war-hungry and violent to the remainder of the world. Nevertheless, we additionally can’t be a rustic that seems weak and unwilling to combat, to the remainder of the world. So, what if we kind a rustic that seems to need each.
Thomas Jefferson: Sure, sure in fact, we go to struggle and protest going to struggle on the similar time….
Benjamin Franklin: And that implies that as a nation, we may go to struggle with whomever we wished, however on the similar time act like we did not wish to. If we permit the folks to protest what the federal government does, then the nation will probably be perpetually innocent.
John Adams: It is like having your cake and consuming it too.
Nameless Hick Redneck Founding Father: Consider it: a whole nation based on saying one factor and doing one other.
John Hancock: And we’ll name that nation the USA of America.

Eric Cartman: Stan, do not the primary regulation of physics? Something that is enjoyable prices at the least eight {dollars}.

Chef: Do not do medication youngsters. There’s a time and place for every little thing. It is referred to as school.

Kyle: Dude, Cartman, look! Your mother is on the quilt of Crack Whore magazine.

Kyle: The fats bitch will not allow us to.
Bus Driver: What did you say!?
Kyle: I mentioned rabbits eat lettuce.

Sportscaster Frank: I have never seen an Englishman take a blow like that since Hugh Grant!

Sportscaster Frank: I have never seen a Jew run like that since Poland, 1938!

Cartman: Mother–Kitty is being a dildo.
Mrs. Cartman: Properly, I do know just a little kitty who’s sleeping with Mommy tonight.

Kyle: Kick the newborn!
Ike: Do not kick the goddamn’ child.

Terrance: I’ve excellent news and dangerous information for you. The excellent news is that you simply’re completely wholesome. The dangerous information is that you’ve most cancers.

Stan’s Mother: Stan, what did I inform you about watching the Osbournes? It will make you retarded!

Cartman (on a goat despatched to him and his pals by some youngsters in Afghanistan): It is an Afghanistan goat, so it will possibly’t keep right here, or else it’s going to choke on the candy air of freedom.

Stan: I do not wish to shoot the bunny.
Uncle Jimbo: No nephew of mine goes to be a tree hugger.
Cartman: Yeah, hippie. Return to Woodstock should you do not wish to shoot something.

Different Mother: Can Eric spend the evening?
Mrs. Cartman: No, I am sorry, Eric is grounded for making an attempt to exterminate the Jews final week.

Mr. Garrison: No, that is flawed, Cartman. However don’t fret. There aren’t any silly solutions, simply silly folks.

Mr. Garrison: Homosexual folks, effectively, homosexual individuals are EVIL. Evil proper all the way down to their chilly black hearts which pump not blood like yours or mine, however rather–a thick, vomitous oil that oozes by way of their rotten veins and clots of their pea-sized brains; which turns into the reason for their Nazi-esque patterns of violent habits. Do you perceive?

Eric Cartman: Consideration customers! Exterior at this time, we’ve a cripple combat. Cripple combat, exterior!

Uncle Jimbo: Hell, everything’s legal in Mexico. It is the American means!

Mr Garrison: Genetic engineering is man’s means of correcting God’s hideous errors, like German folks.

Eric Cartman: I hate hippies! I imply, the best way they all the time speak about ‘protectin’ the earth’ after which drive round in automobiles that get poor fuel mileage and put on these silly bracelets – I hate ’em! I wanna kick ’em within the nuts!

Mr. Garrison: Who was in control of the feminist motion of the early ’60’s?
Cartman: A bunch of fats outdated skanks on their durations.
Mr. Garrison: Proper. However who was the fattest, oldest skank on her interval?

Eric Cartman: Properly, I appeared in my mother’s closet and noticed what I used to be getting for Christmas, an UltraVibe Pleasure 2000.

Instructor: Kyle, focus!!!
Cartman: Possibly he ought to be despatched to a focus camp.

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