Feminine Bashing

Q: What number of males does it take to open a beer?
A; None. It ought to be opened by the point she brings it.

Q: Why is a Laundromat a very dangerous place to choose up girls?
A: As a result of a lady who cannot even afford a washer won’t ever have the ability to assist you.

Q: Why do girls have smaller ft then males?
A: To allow them to stand nearer to the kitchen sink.

Q: How do you repair a girls’s watch?
A: You do not. There is a clock on the oven.

Q: Why do males cross extra gasoline than girls do?
A: As a result of girls do not shut up lengthy sufficient to construct up strain.

Q: In case your canine is barking on the again door and your spouse is yelling
on the entrance door, which do you let in first?
A: The canine in fact. Not less than he’ll shut up after you let him in.

Q: What’s worse than a male chauvinistic pig?
A: A girls who will not do what she’s informed.

Q: What do you name a lady with two mind cells?
A: Pregnant.

Q: What do you name a lady who has misplaced 95% of her intelligence?
A: Divorced.

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