Fell face first off my bike, now if I plug my nose and blow, my eye lids fill with air

Fell face first off my bike, now if I plug my nose and blow, my eye lids fill with air

Fell face first off my bike, now if I plug my nose and blow, my eye lids fill with air

Fell face first off my bike, now if I plug my nose and blow, my eye lids fill with air from WTF

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47 thoughts on “Fell face first off my bike, now if I plug my nose and blow, my eye lids fill with air

  1. DO NOT BLOW YOUR NOSE. You may have a facial fracture and blowing your nose could potentially cause an infection. A maxilofacial CT could help confirm the diagnosis.

  2. AmbiguousBIG says:

    For anyone interested: After 6 hours in A&E, fractured eye socket and broken floor under the eye. Back at the hospital next week to see what’s next after more scans once swelling reduces. No xrays to show I’m afraid, never even got to see them myself. Can’t blow my nose and been told to “try not to sneeze” during peak hay-fever season… could be interesting

    Thanks for all the advice and support

    Edit: I would also like to add that I was wearing a helmet. Imagine how bad it could have been without it. Wear helmets kids

  3. Adolph_hutler says:

    One of my mates got punched in the face years ago and about 30mins or so after it happened he tried to blow his nose and he said it felt like his eye ball was going to pop out. Turned out he had a fractured cheek bone.

  4. bearpics16 says:

    yeah you really really really should not do this. You have an orbital and/or sinus fracture, and you’re blowing contaminated air into an area that doesn’t deal with bacteria very well. You can get a very bad infection that could potentially lead to permanent damage.

  5. youngcuriousafraid says:

    Orbital fracture (I think). Thats why they tell boxers and fighters to not blow your nose in a fight. Your eyes swell and its hard to see.

  6. Questions:

    Does your eye come out when you sneeze?

    Does anyone call you popeye?

    Can you store air in your eye to later breathe underwater?

    Can you use this method to keep your eye cool while staring at the sun?

    Can you squeeze the air back down into your nose and smell your eye in the process?

  7. walther380 says:

    You turned ur head into a balloon.

  8. imaketrollfaces says:

    I am not a doctor, but do not do this for reddit Karma

  9. ebayer102 says:

    Orbital floor fracture! We tell people to literally avoid blowing nose and sneeze with mouth open to avoid pressure build up. More pressure can worsen the fracture, cause fragments to move and entrap orbital muscles and plus you are forcing nasal bacteria etc I to your orbit and essentially your brain!

    I would prob stop doing that, keep your head elevated to reduce swelling and go to the ER to get a maxillofacial ct scan right now

  10. triflin_fellow says:

    This happens to me and I’ve never hit my face on anything. I can plug and blow like that, and hear air bubbling out of my eyelid. I don’t really do it often because… it doesn’t seem like a good idea 🙂

  11. RedShamrock05 says:

    You NEED to get that checked my guy. That could lead to some very dangerous stuff. Like some other comments say, you might have a facial fracture so do not blow your nose, it can lead to infection.

  12. logan1506 says:

    My god I can’t imagine what happens when you sneeze

  13. CleatusVandamn says:

    Wait…..that’s not already normal thing to happen? Cause that’s been my whole life

  14. 1istheloniestnumber says:

    What did the doctor say?

  15. Daiki_438 says:

    You know that hole where tears come out from? When I plug my nose and blow with eyes open, I can spray tears from it. It’s funny as it’s like a defense mechanism like I spray venom.

  16. Suckmybowlingballs says:

    Ferguson vs Cerrone fight

  17. Charlitos_Way says:

    When I was in school there was a homeless gentleman who would ask for cigarettes and, for a bit of extra change, amaze us with his ability to blow smoke out of the corner of his eye. Give it a try!

  18. HuntedWolf says:

    I think this is worse, but everyone can make air come out of their eye. If you do the same thing and blow with your eye open, a slight amount of air comes out. We all have a passage from our nose to our eye called the Lacrimal Canal, if you pull down your eye lid a bit and look in the mirror you might be able to see the small hole called the lacrimal punctum.

    I’m guessing OP’s is wider than usual due to the accident.

    This is also why you get a runny nose when crying, the tears go down this passage.

  19. casuallymustafa says:

    I cringed when you blew your nose. It’s like the #1 thing not to do when you suspect facial fractures.

    It’s one of the things they also tell fighters not to do when they break their nose in a fight.

    NSFW – https://youtu.be/92Pvt0YS1dA

  20. Patch_Ohoulihan says:

    Yea i don’t think it’s supposed to work like that. I would check the lead design team and ask.

  21. johndoesnot says:

    I can do this from birth. I can blow nice bubbles out of my eyes underwater, and i can snort milk and let it come out of my eye. The latter one hurts though.

  22. Millhouse_Calves says:

    I’ll add this to my long list of reasons why I wear a full face on every ride. They’re so light and airy now that we should really make it a norm.

  23. perogy604 says:

    Agree with the people saying facial fracture. I had a pretty bad one that I only discovered because I blew my nose and my face ballooned. Ended up needing plastic surgery to ensure things healed correctly.

  24. HEY STOP!!! I broke my face years ago and the same happened to me. I blew my nose hard and all the blood and mucus and shit went through the crack in my face and got trapped between inner and outer eyelid. My eyelid blew out to the size of a tennis ball instantly and didnt go down for weeks. I looked like the elephant man. No joke, nobody has ever seen anything like this. No camera phones back then I’m afraid though.

  25. I’ve been able to do that for as long as I can remember, is that not normal?

  26. isnappedrondasarm says:

    This kind of injury happens periodically in the UFC. When the affected fighter returns to their corner, their team instructs – very clearly and repeatedly – don’t blow your nose.

    There’s a good reason for that. You’re forcing air where it shouldn’t go. And that’s only possible because something is fucked up.

    TL;DR Stop this ASAP and heal up. Air is for lungs, not broken skull cavities.

  27. fleeyevegans says:

    Stop doing that idiot. You have an orbital fracture.

  28. shadowanddaisy says:

    The orbit of your eye is cracked. You should have it x-rayed. If your sinuses leak you’re going to be in big trouble.

  29. Orbital fracture. That’s super serious bro….. go to hospital!

  30. I’m not a doctor but probably don’t do that

  31. Seems like he has a medial orbital wall fracture, which makes his ethmoidal sinus communicate with his orbital cavity. Valsalva will increase the intraorbital pressure pushing the globe.

  32. RespectedWanderer9k says:

    Great way to get an infection, see a doctor, unless you’re american, in that case be rich or die.

  33. hiyourbfisdeadsorry says:

    so yea you broke your face, maybe try and get that fixed if possible

  34. Atomic-Dobermann says:

    Donald cerrone after tonys elbow

  35. TheoVonSkeletor says:

    I used to squirt milk out of mine in elementary school.

  36. theunoticeable says:

    This is a normal thing that most people can do….

  37. HomerHill says:

    Looks like you need a new head gasket

  38. minorcylinder says:

    I would suggest you stop that.

  39. wholebeansinmybutt says:

    I do not like this one bit.

  40. Justin002865 says:

    Me: *hops on my bike and purposely falls on my dick*

  41. I “fell” as a baby and I’ve always been able to do this when I plug my nose and try to blow out of it. I can also squirt water out of my tear duct kinda like gleeking. I also had to go to the doctor once when I was probably around 9yo because I was eating a carrot and laughed and a small piece of chewed carrot shard got stuck in my tear duct.

  42. OmgitsNatalie says:

    I can feel air come out of my ear. Same side where I had temporal headaches, sensitivity to sound, and sensitivity to light.

  43. akshay-nair says:

    Neat party trick

  44. Kirenia_Ayako says:


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