Facts about male orgasms that you should probably know

1. Regular ejaculation lowers risks of cancer

Just in case you thought climaxing couldn’t get much better, research
presented at the American Urological Association suggests that males who
have a higher frequency of orgasms (around 20 times per month) lowered
their risk of prostate cancer by 20%. Author of the study, Dr Jennifer
Rider says this is probably due to the release of hormones such as
oxytocin – which can lower blood pressure.

You heard the woman, go forth and ejaculate. It’s for the good of your health.

2. It’s wicked fast

While you’re not likely to break the sound barrier, the average speed of
male ejaculation is 28mph. So if you ever feel like a loser remember:
that’s faster than any man can run. Usain Bolt – the world’s fastest
sprinter – set a world record with 27.79mph. Go you.

3. Orgasms are better during sex

This may not be a huge surprise – but if you want double the fun, have
sex with a partner. Both men and women release 400% more prolactin – an
ecstasy-inducing hormone – after sex than they do after masturbation.
So give your hand a rest.

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4. Men can fake it too

Charlene Muehlenhard Ph.D conducted a study with students from the
University of Kansas. She found out that 28% of guys had faked an
orgasm during sex with a partner. Reasons included brewers’ droop –
being too intoxicated to climax– and wanting to go to sleep.

5. Dry dick

A dry orgasm – known as a retrograde orgasm – can occur when semen
travels to the bladder instead of through the shaft of the penis during
orgasm. If this happens then head to your doctor – it could be a sign
of problems with your bladder muscles.

6. Hit the jackpot

Men – just like lucky ladies – can experience multiple orgasms. While
most fellas need at least a 30-minute cooling off period between steamy
sessions, it is possible to train yourself to have multiple orgasms.
Things like changing up sexual positions and managing testosterone
levels can dramatically improve your chances.

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7. Best swimmers come first

According to Ginemed Assisted Human Reproduction Clinic, the semen
released in the first wave of ejaculate has better quality DNA and are
more likely to fertilise an egg thanks to greater mobility. Show offs.

8. Headache cure

If you’ve got a pounding headache, then reaching climax might provide an
antidote. Honest. An orgasm floods the brain with a similar type of
endorphin that causes runner’s high. And it’s a lot more enjoyable than
going for a run – am I right?