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Warning: More ‘tips of life’ than life hacks.

“1. There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them.

2. Never cancel dinner plans by text message.

3. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

4. If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.

5. Always use ‘we’ when referring to your home team or your government.

6. When entrusted with a secret, keep it.

7. Don’t underestimate free throws in a game of ‘horse’.

8. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

9. Don’t dumb it down.

10. You only get one chance to notice a new haircut.

11. If you’re staying more than one night, unpack.

12. Never park in front of a bar.

13. Expect the seat in front of you to recline. Prepare accordingly.

14. Keep a picture of your first fish, first car, and first boy/girlfriend.

15. Hold your heroes to a high standard.

16. A suntan is earned, not bought.

17. Never lie to your doctor.

18. All guns are loaded.

19. Don’t mention sunburns. Believe me, they know.

20. The best way to show thanks is to wear it. Even if it’s only once.

21. Take a vacation from your cell phone, Internet, and TV once a year.

22. Don’t fill up on bread, no matter how good.

23. A handshake beats an autograph.

24. Don’t linger in the doorway. In or out.

25. If you choose to go in drag, don’t sell yourself short.

26. If you want to know what makes you unique, sit for a caricature.

27. Never get your hair cut the day of a special event.

28. Be mindful of what comes between you and the Earth. Always buy good shoes, tires, and sheets.

29. Never eat lunch at your desk if you can avoid it.

30. When you’re with new friends, don’t just talk about old friends.

31. Eat lunch with the new kids.

32. When traveling, keep your wits about you.

33. It’s never too late for an apology.

34. Don’t pose with booze.

35. If you have the right of way, take it.

36. You don’t get to choose your own nickname.

37. When you marry someone, remember you marry their entire family.

38. Never push someone off a dock.

39. Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she’s pregnant.

40. It’s not enough to be proud of your ancestry; live up to it.

41. Don’t make a scene.

42. When giving a thank you speech, short and sweet is best.

43. Know when to ignore the camera.

44. Never gloat.

45. Invest in good luggage.

46. Make time for your mom on your birthday. It’s her special day, too.

47. When opening presents, no one likes a good guesser.

48. Sympathy is a crutch, never fake a limp.

49. Give credit. Take blame.

50. Suck it up every now and again.

51. Never be the last one in the pool.

52. Don’t stare.

53. Address everyone that carries a firearm professionally.

54. Stand up to bullies. You’ll only have to do it once.

55. If you’ve made your point, stop talking.

56. Admit it when you’re wrong.

57. If you offer to help don’t quit until the job is done.

58. Look people in the eye when you thank them.

59. Thank the bus driver.

60. Never answer the phone at the dinner table.

61. Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

62. Know at least one good joke.

63. Don’t boo. Even the ref is somebody’s son.

64. Know how to cook one good meal.

65. Learn to drive a stick shift.

66. Be cool to younger kids. Reputations are built over a lifetime.

67. It’s okay to go to the movies by yourself.

68. Dance with your mother/father.

69. Don’t lose your cool. Especially at work.

70. Always thank the host.

71. If you don’t understand, ask before it’s too late.

72. Know the size of your boy/girlfriend’s clothes.

73. There is nothing wrong with a plain t-shirt.

74. Be a good listener. Don’t just wait for your turn to talk.

75. Keep your word.

76. In college, always sit in the front. You’ll stand out immediately.

77. Carry your mother’s bags. She carried you for nine months.

78. Be patient with airport security. They’re just doing their jobs.

79. Don’t be the talker in a movie.

80. The opposite sex likes people who shower.

81. You are what you do, not what you say.

82. Learn to change a tire.

83. Be kind. Everyone has a hard fight ahead of them.

84. An hour with grandparents is time well spent. Ask for advice when you need it.

85. Don’t litter.

86. If you have a sister, get to know her boyfriend. Your opinion is important.

87. You won’t always be the strongest or the fastest. But you can be the toughest.

88. Never call someone before 9am or after 9pm.

89. Buy the orange properties in Monopoly.

90. Make the little things count.

91. Always wear a bra at work.

92. There is a fine line between looking sultry and slutty. Find it.

93. You’re never too old to need your mom.

94. Ladies, if you make the decision to wear heels on the first date, commit to keeping them on and keeping your trap shut about how much your feet kill.

95. Know the words to your national anthem.

96. Your dance moves might not be the best, but I promise making a fool of yourself is more fun than sitting on the bench alone.

97. Smile at strangers.

98. Make goals.

99. Being old is not dictated by your bedtime.

100. If you have to fight, punch first and punch hard.”

Why does Netflix cancel all movies with Johnny Depp?

They didn’t cancel Depp’s movies. They lost the licensing rights to The Rum Diaries recently because they only had a one-year deal for them. That is part of an ongoing trend as competitors launch their own streaming services (Disney took the rights to Pirates of the Caribbean in-house to help out Disney+, for instance): Netflix hasn’t made any in-house films featuring Depp, so they’re losing the rights to a lot of his work.

But they’re still showing Depp films like Rango in the US and are adding What’s Eating Gilbert Grape in 4 days when their license renews on it. And they’re showing Dark Shadows, Donnie Brasco, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc in the UK.

What made Cleopatra so desirable?

She was a lady who knew the way to play her cards right. quite anything, Cleopatra was one smart cookie. Was she an excellent beauty, was she spectacularly pretty on the extent of a Victoria’s Secret Angel? Not exactly. But she was incredibly intelligent, alluring, had a way of favor and knew the way to appeal any man she encountered. sort of a chameleon, she could adapt to her surroundings and make herself into the very image of femininity and desire.

When seducing Caesar , Cleopatra made use of her wit the maximum amount as her youth and fairly attractiveness . She wasn’t an excellent looker, her nose rather large for her face, but she was young, slender and well-dressed.

She was also royalty. And no, not just any royalty — she was a descendants of the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, also as Ptolemy I… Ptolemy being one among Alexander the Greats finest generals and most loyal allies, who married into Egyptian nobility and commenced its last dynasty.

Now if there’s ONE thing you want to realize the times of Cleopatra, it’s that Alexander was just about a God among men. His legacy was eternal, it had been unbreakable, incredibly powerful. Little boys grew up wishing to be like Alexander, the way little boys today might dream of being Superman.

But Alexander died without surviving legitimate offspring, his dynasty died with him. Ptolemy’s descendants in Egypt were as close as any living Roman could get to Alexander. She knew this. And Caesar himself sure knew it, too — he himself was cognizant of the facility of bloodlines, and had always prided himself in being a descendant of a God himself.

So Cleopatra flaunted her looks, her body, draped within the finest of garments , and peppered her speech with the wittiest and slyest of remarks… all the while knowing that her every word and move was made infinitely more memorable by the very fact that the status she had was astronomical, much more noble than any Roman of the day…

Hers was a wealthy nation, an ancient nation, as rich in resources and culture because it was in history, gold and produce. This certainly didn’t help but certainly the Romans could have taken it all from her without her remaining during a position of power. it had been her charisma , however, that kept her where she was.

Above all, she was a Queen. Pharaoh of Egypt. And what man wouldn’t pinch himself to see if he wasn’t dreaming, as he found himself cavorting around in silken sheets with a living Goddess, the ruler of an ancient dynasty with a history so magnificent it made Rome look rather bland in comparison?

Additional benefits that having sex can give you

Sex slashes stress

Intercourse may cut your stress level. A study published within the journal Biological Perspective asked participants to require part during a stressful activity, like giving a speech or taking a sophisticated math quiz. The participants who had vaginal intercourse before a stressful task had lower levels of stress and lower blood pressures in comparison to people that had no sex, those that masturbated, and people who had sexual contact without intercourse.

Less sex, more work

Researchers at the University of Gottingen in Germany found that folks with a less-than-robust sex life tend to require on more work to catch up on their lack of fulfillment within the bedroom. The study asked 32,000 people to explain their sex and work habits. The researchers found that 36 percent of men and 35 percent of girls who roll in the hay just one occasion every week plunge themselves into their work. The more work you’ve got , the more stress you’ve got and therefore the more stress you’ve got , the less sex you’ve got . It’s a very vicious circle .

Sex is sweet for your ticker

Intercourse certainly gets your heart beating, but that’s not where the guts health benefits end. A study published within the Journal of Epidemiology and Community HealthTrusted Source found that sex can actually decrease a man’s risk for a fatal attack . Researchers found that men who had sex twice or more hebdomadally were less likely to die from a attack than men who had sex less often. The study found no relationship between the frequency of intercourse and therefore the likelihood of dying from a stroke.

Better self-esteem

The sex and self-esteem street has two sides: people that roll in the hay feel good about themselves, and other people roll in the hay to feel good about themselves. A study published within the Archives of Sexual Behavior checked out the various reasons humans roll in the hay and located that one among the foremost common driving factors is that the self-esteem boost many get from doing the deed. These same people report that sex makes them feel powerful and more attractive. Also, some people within the study had more altruistic intentions and wanted their partner to feel good about themselves.

Sex relieves pain

Sex can cause you to feel good in additional than a method . There’s the apparent physical benefit, then the less obvious: pain relief. During arousal and orgasm, the hypothalamus within the brain releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey found that this surge of oxytocin may very well help women feel less pain, especially during menstruation. A study published within the Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine found that oxytocin in men cuts pain perception by half.

Sex protects against cancer

According to some research, men aged 50 and over who have frequent sex are less likely to be diagnosed with prostatic adenocarcinoma than men their same age who don’t roll in the hay often. A study published within the journal BJU InternationalTrusted Source found that intercourse and masturbation may reduce the danger of prostatic adenocarcinoma in older men. Another study published within the Journal of the American Medical AssociationTrusted Source found that frequent ejaculations during a man’s ’20s can also help decrease his risk of prostatic adenocarcinoma .

Orgasm improves sperm quality

Frequent sex may improve a man’s sperm quality, reduce DNA damage to sperm, and increase fertility. consistent with the ecu Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, men who had sex daily, or ejaculated daily, had more viable and better quality semen after seven days than men who didn’t roll in the hay . The study suggests this approach may help couples with mild fertility problems conceive.

Consider safety

Sex may be a chance for couples to explore their passions, connect with each other , and luxuriate in their relationship. It also has several additional benefits that are icing on the cake. Of course, to take care of a healthy sex life, don’t forget to practice sexual activity . Use protection, especially if you’re not during a monogamous relationship, and obtain tested for sexually transmitted infections regularly.

On average, men think about sex every seven seconds – FALSE

We’ve no thought how long this “everyone knows” misguided judgment has been near, however we’ve absolutely been hearing it ourselves since we were kids, and that was a long time upon many years prior. Contingent upon which form you’ve experienced, the measure of time between mischievous male musings will be expressed in an unexpected way, with “at regular intervals,” “like clockwork,” and “like clockwork” giving “at regular intervals” a run for its cash as the top finisher in this classification. The actual number doesn’t make any difference; it’s the quality of power with which the case is perpetually expressed, as though this were an undisputed reality sponsored by logical exploration.

Despite the fact that hot disapproved of men may be a decent idea to be enchanted by (let alone to get back home to), the hypothesis doesn’t hold up. As per the Kinsey Institute’s FAQ, “54% of men consider sex each day or a few times each day, 43% a couple of times each month or a couple of times each week, and 4% not exactly once per month.” Though nobody can promise to how regularly a specific thoroughly considered glimmers any one person’s head, it’s quite obvious from the Kinsey explanation that most of the sexual orientation isn’t being overwhelmed with underhanded imaginings like clockwork, as somewhat not exactly 50% of that populace doesn’t consider sex even as much as once a day.

Regardless of whether Kinsey’s examination isn’t exact in such manner, the individuals who state the “seven seconds” guarantee was gathered from the Kinsey Report are plainly mixed up. That association isn’t difficult to comprehend, on the grounds that the Kinsey Report (all the more appropriately, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, first distributed in 1948, and Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, first distributed in 1953) is viewed as the guidebook for sex research. A sex research measurement will consequently be accepted to have radiated from that source.

An examination done through Ohio State University (OSU) for the January 2012 issue of the Journal of Sex Research uncovered that the middle an incentive for the occasions men pondered sex was 19 times each day (when contrasted with 10 times each day for ladies). To gather the information, 120 male and 163 female unmarried hetero OSU understudies between the ages of 18 and 25 were outfitted for seven days with golf count counters and educated to click them each time sex entered their thoughts. (Different understudies followed how often they contemplated eating and resting.) Among the individual men in the examination, there was a scope of somewhere in the range of one and 388 musings of sex a day, while with ladies it was somewhere in the range of one and 140.

For what reason is the ridiculous “at regular intervals” conviction however predominant as it very well might be? Its notoriety stems to a limited extent based on what is broadly accepted about men: that their practices are more explicitly propelled than those of ladies, with this elevated force being inferable from how guys of our species are actually wired instead of to issue of cognizant decision or cultural molding. A measurement of this nature attempts to affirm that supposition by overlaying a patina of false science onto the “Men consider only sex, sex, sex!” personification we’ve gotten profoundly fascinated of.

Albeit solely a statute about male sexual inspiration, on occasion ladies hoping to situate themselves as explicitly uninhibited development the “each such countless seconds” charge of themselves. In 2003, only preceding her union with Dave Navarro, Carmen Electra portrayed herself in meetings as a “extremely sexual individual” who “ponders sex at regular intervals.” Interestingly, sparse two years after the fact this previous Baywatch star retreated that declaration in a meeting with Toronto’s Globe and Mail: “Goodness, that was a joke. I think individuals think I consider sex like clockwork. I’m certain Dave wishes I did. No, I don’t consider it that much.”

Heavier men last longer in bed

Ladies, push the Ryan Gosling-type aside, since research demonstrates that husky folks can do ponders for your sexual coexistence. Researchers at Erciyes University in Kayseri, Turkey, discovered that overweight men

last more during sex. The specialists examined 200 men and assessed their weight record (BMI) and sexual execution. After the yearlong investigation, discoveries showed that heavier men with clear stomaches had the option to keep going for a normal of 7.3 minutes in bed, while more slender men scarcely went on for two minutes, being bound to experience the ill effects of untimely discharge.

The examination expressed: “As the BMI expanded, the quantity of patients diminished in the untimely discharge gathering.” Anyway, can any anyone explain why overweight men have more endurance during sex? The appropriate response is basic: Estradiol. Estradiol is a female sex chemical, which restrains untimely discharge in guys. Specialists accept men with more fat around their waist have more estradiol. Estradiol disturbs the movement of “male” synapses and represses their movement towards climax.

So put down the loads and snatch some pizza. However, don’t try too hard, in light of the fact that while being heavier may give you more endurance in bed, it’s additionally prone to bring about a swarm of ailments that influence your drawn out wellbeing.

What country has the highest female to male ratio?

If you are single, and unable to find a partner in your country, remember there are countries in World filled with beautiful women and desperately looking for men as these countries lack men in huge numbers.

1) Martinique :

Martinique is an island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea, with a land area of 1,128 square kilometres (436 sq mi) and a population of 386,486 inhabitants (as of January 2013).

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Martinique is 1183 females per 1000 of males.

2) Latvia:

Latvia officially the Republic of Latvia, is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, one of the three Baltic states. It is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, as well as a maritime border to the west with Sweden.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Latvia is 1180 females per 1000 of males.

3) Lithuania:

Lithuania officially the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublika), is a country in Northern Europe.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Lithuania is 1172 females per 1000 of males.

4) Curacao:

Curaçao is an island country in the southern Caribbean Sea, approximately 65 kilometers (40 mi) north of the Venezuelan coast that is a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Curacao is 1168 females per 1000 of males.

5) Guadalupe:

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Guadalupe is 1162 females per 1000 of males.

6) Ukraine:
Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland and Slovakia to the west, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Ukraine is 1159 females per 1000 of males.

7) Armenia:

Armenia officially the Republic of Armenia, is a mountainous country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Armenia is 1156 females per 1000 of males.

8) Russian federation:

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Russian federation is 1153 females per 1000 of males.

9) Belarus:

Belarus officially the Republic of Belarus, is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe bordered by Russia to the northeast, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Belarus is 1152 females per 1000 of males

10) Estonia:

Estonia officially the Republic of Estonia, is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.

In the Population Census, it was revealed that the population ratio in Estonia is 1137 females per 1000 of males.

What would happen if Superman and Supergirl had a child?

Okay first of all that would never EVER happen because Superman & Supergirl are COUSINS so a romance between them would be about as bad as a romance between a brother & sister and of course Superman is married to Lois Lane and they now have a son. But suppose for a moment they were not cousins and they did have a child. Quite frankly it would be almost about the same as when Jor-El & his wife had Kal-El on Krypton but since Superman & Supergirl are on Earth their child would of course inherit their Kryptonian superpowers and no doubt become the next Superman or Supergirl depending on what the gender is. But like I said that would never happen since they are cousins and Superman already has Lois Lane and they now have a Superman Jr in the family.

Superman supergirl cousins

Superman supergirl cousins

There’s no way that Superman and Supergirl have not studied science, including the science of genetics. They probably have a better grasp of it than any actual human. In the Silver Age, Supergirl tried to set up Superman with her analogues from other universes and solar systems – so the genetics might not have to be all that different for it to be okay to produce a child. Consider this also: Superman and Supergirl as Kryptonians under a yellow sun on Earth are fundamentally always in perfect health. That may include genetic abnormalities. If Superman or Supergirl had genetic abnormalities prior to arrival on earth, they might not know about them. It’s entirely possible that any offspring word correct genetic abnormalities in utero. Even if this were not the case, The most likely scenario for a child would be using Kryptonian science to select a fetus without deleterious inbreeding or to remove the defective genes. Doctor Fate or Zatanna could use a magic to change the genes. Even the universe with a minimal Kryptonian presence contains General Zod as a gene donor – a Krisp-Ur, as it were. With a child conceived under the influence of red kryptonite not switch back to whatever they would have been when their parents switched back because they already were their default?

Given the universe that Superman and Supergirl live in, I don’t think it would be as bad as in the real world.