The Excuses Men and Women Give When Caught Cheating

the excuses men and women give when caught cheating
the excuses men and women give when caught cheating

Let’s go over the worst cheating excuses that you should never fall for. If someone cheats on you, and uses one of these lines, you had better not give them a second chance.

He caught me cheating

“I was drunk and don’t remember really”….the alcohol was only the beginning, the thought still had to be there!

Everyone cheats anyway.

Mmmmmm…no they don’t. We all know the old question about whether or not you’d jump off of a bridge if everyone else was doing it.

It just happened, it was an accident

Seriously? It was an accident? So he just slipped on a banana peel and accidentally landed in her hoo-ha? Of course he planned for it. It wasn’t a random thing. He’d been eyeing his secretary/best friend/maid for a while and he’d been wondering how he would tap that. Cheating doesn’t just happen and you don’t just accidentally cheat on your partner.

We never had sex as many times as I wanted

Are guys who say this for real or are they usually just kidding? So what he means when he says he wasn’t getting enough sex is he is biologically programmed to sow his wild oats whether his woman has sex with him or not. If he can’t get it at home he will get it elsewhere. So rather than address the real issue behind the lack of intimacy in the relationship, his solution is to sleep around? Lame!

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Caught Cheating

I was drunk

So if he says he was drunk when he slept with that other woman, does he expect to be let off the hook? Quick question: If he hit somebody with a car or killed someone, would he simply be let off the hook because he was drunk? It’s true, when people get smashed they don’t make the best decisions but decisions have consequences. So his excuse about being drunk isn’t gonna fly.

I felt neglected

This one gets into a little more of a shaky territory. I have heard of relationships where there is virtually no affection or appreciation, and I can completely understand how a situation like this would drive someone to desperation.

That being said, this is why communication is so important in relationships. If you are feeling unappreciated or taken for granted, make sure your partner knows there is a problem. Things like this can continue for long periods of time without someone even realizing the severity of the situation if you don’t bring it to their attention.

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It didn’t mean anything

Oh, he just slept with her; it’s no big deal. So is that supposed to make you feel better? Men who say it didn’t mean anything expect you to equate his actions to something like drinking coffee or downing a glass of wine…it’s not that big of a deal. Well, maybe it wasn’t a big deal to him but it sure is a big deal to you. Sex means something.

The fact that he had sex with this other woman means he was attracted to her in some way. Maybe not emotionally but physically he was. So just because having sex with that other woman wasn’t a declaration of his undying love for her, doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t make you feel some type of way.

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You let yourself go

Is this guy saying you are fat so he figured he’d cheat on you? What? You no longer look like Naomi Campbell so he would rather look for another woman to cheat on you with? If he thinks that you’ve added weight, how about showing you some support by enrolling both of you in a gym to help you get your sexy back, instead of making you feel bad about yourself by sleeping with other women?

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You pushed me to do this

This one is a classic. “You kept on accusing me of having an affair with my secretary so I decided to start cheating with her. It’s your fault!”

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