Examples of People Dying or Getting Hurt in really strange ways

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“The following illustrates a non-fatal case of experimental self-intoxication produced by the ingestion of fruit from the Red Baneberry. The onset of symptoms began within 30 minutes. At first there was a most extraordinary pyrotechnic display of blue objects of all sizes and tints, circular with irregular edges; as one became interested in the spots a heavy weight was lowered on the top of the head and remained there, while sharp pains
shot through the temples.”

Two persons were killed another critically injured, and a house demolished when an elderly woman fired a shot at a snake triggering the explosion of 340 sticks of dynamite stored in a small outbuilding.

A man at a party popped a blasting cap into his mouth and bit down as a prank. The resulting explosion blew off his lips, teeth and tongue. Ouch!

Cheboygan Mich. – Mrs. Fred Williams was severely injured and her seven-year old son was probable fatally hurt when a dynamite cap in boy’s
pocket hip pocket exploded while the mother was spanking him.

The little boy had been out in the field where his father using dynamite to blow up stumps and had slipped one of the percussion caps in his back pocket. He later returned to the house where him mother called him to be punished for some childish misdemeanor. Mrs. Williams used a shingle as the instrument of punishment. The first blow exploded the cap in the boys pocket, and the explosion tore a large hole in his hip, from which he is believed to be dying. The mother lost two fingers and received a number of minor cuts about her face and body.

A topless dancers’ booking agent, who crowded 560 pounds onto his 5-foot-8 frame, was shot to death in Suffolk County when interrupted during a midnight spaghetti nosh.

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