Enjoyable Animal Mating Information for Y’all

1. Feminine Kangaroos have 3 vaginas. (this jogs my memory of how the octopus has three hearts)

2. Almost all bonobos are bisexual and 75% of the intercourse bonobos do shouldn’t be for copy.

3. Cat Penises have spines or barbs made up of keratin to scrape out competing sperm.

4. Some mammals together with canines and cats have a bone of their penises. Nicely.. guess that is the place the time period “boner” comes from.

5. Elephant Shrews are the one animals other than Primates and Bats that menstruate.

6. A mouse-like creature known as the antechinus can have a lot intercourse inside a brief time period that the animal principally disintegrates.

7. Male Barnacles have the longest penis relative to their dimension, as much as 8 occasions their physique size.

8. Feminine lice of the genus Neotrogla can have intercourse as much as 70 hours.

9. Ocelots are likely to breed each different yr. Nicely that is vital to know, as a result of individuals mustn’t hunt these guys.

10. Feminine squid don’t have vaginas… then what have they got?

11. On the finish of intercourse, male honeybees genitals explode.

12. Male snakes have two penises

13. Velvet worms have their genitals on their heads.

14. An erect Elephant penis can weigh as a lot as 30Kg which is the same as 66 lbs.

15.  Feminine dolphins have used their snouts as dildos on different females.

16. Feminine hyenas have one thing that appears like a extremely lengthy penis however is the truth is a clitoris.

17. Round a 3rd of seahorse sexual intercourse is that of similar intercourse.

18. Koalas have two penises

19. Sexually annoyed sea otters are identified to kidnap and attempt to mate with seal pups… rattling… they aren’t as cute as individuals make them out to be…

20. Earlier than mating the male giraffe will drink the urine of the feminine to see if she is fertile.

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