Elon Musk Sends Grimes To Space Following Lover’s Quarrel

Elon Musk announced on Twitter today that he had launched his long-time goth girlfriend Grimes into space after the two got into an argument about raising their son on Mars. Musk’s tweet went into further detail about the decision.

“Lmao love her to the moon and back. Sorry grimes baby, you can yell at me when you re-enter earth’s atmosphere. Next time just let me send our son to Mars, he’s nearly three years old and is basically ready to colonize the red planet. The longer you hold him back the longer you’ll stop him from earning his fortune in dogecoin. You can write a sad song about me if you want, I understand.”

Musk went on to talk about the subject further during a meeting on the Clubhouse app. 

“Listen, me and Grimes have been through a lot together. Right now we’re going through a rough period but I think we’re going to come out of this stronger. I feel like I overreacted but it’s too late to go back. It will be about another three months before the rocket I sent her away on circles the moon and comes back to Earth. I left her with plenty of food and her favorite guitar so she should be comfortable for the duration of the trip.”

Grimes could not be reached for comment as she is currently trapped on a rocket headed towards the moon.


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