Dwts and Wardrobe Malfunctions: A new Conspiracy Theory

Wardrobe malfunctions on TV have simply existed since Justin Timberlake ripped open what developed into a Pandora’s Box of an bosom on Janet Fitzgibbons. Ridiculous, any way look at it, the particular furor that was born of these Super Bowl incident. Issues have changed, much to the worse, since that 50 % of a boob was given into the eyes of America for any split second. Dancing with the Stars has equally suffered and benefited with this wardrobe malfunction. Well, largely benefited, I suppose.

Dancing with all the Stars has had two closet malfunctions of not, but nothing to that led to past discovering a bra. But, these kind of inidicents always seem to be around the verge of occurring in Dancing with the Stars, and the viewers are aware of it. However, what they may not recognize is definitely that, although Dancing with the Stars is broadcasted live, it is aired with a 20-30 second postpone. So, if anything would have been to really malfunction, it would not wind up shown.

The malfunctions, which they’re even a story, is surely an indictment of the FCC. Anybody can make an argument that boobies are more damaging to kid’s eyes than TV aggression, I’d like to hear it. I won’t, however, because it is an impossible point.

Dancing with the Stars could have staged their mild closet malfunction, as stated in the BuddyTV article, but we’ll just dont know. We do know that it has casued a bigger stir that it could have before the Janet Jackson occurrence, and I think most would recognize that this is a bad point. But, who knows? TV great these days. Don’t fix it if that ain’t broke, right?

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